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Tichy Boys

Elvis Presley Birthday Bashes

by The Staff January 8, 2015


  Every day is a good day to celebrate Elvis Presley’s influence on the musical world. This weekend, Elvis’ birthday—actual date, Jan. 8, 1935—is a swell reason to celebrate the king of rock & roll with ...

Helsinki Hudson

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone April 18, 2012


RETURN ENGAGEMENT Choreographers Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey first performed TOOL IS LOOT in EMPAC’s Studio 2 as a work-in-progress in June 2011. This weekend, with Jonathan Bepler, they return to perform the finished work ...

River Street Riot

by The Staff April 13, 2011


Those in search of a weekend melee, fracas, scrum or debauch need not venture to Troy on Saturday. The Arts Center of the Capital Region is throwing a riot. (Disclaimer: The consumption of eggs, ...