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Tim Burton

Period Picture

by Shawn Stone January 8, 2015


  Is “kitsch” art if the artist is sincere? Asked about Margaret Keane’s phenomenally successful art, which consisted of hauntingly strange paintings of sad-faced, poverty-stricken, bizarrely big-eyed waifs, Andy Warhol said, “It has to be good. ...

Big Eyes

by The Staff December 24, 2014


  If you’re a baby boomer and grew up in the 1950s and ’60s, you’ve seen the art of Margaret Keane. Her paintings of sad-faced children with really big eyes were a popular phenomenon. It wasn’t ...

A Boy and His Dead Dog

by Laura Leon October 10, 2012


  The dark at the top of the attic stairs. The deceptively quiet emptiness of a school hallway at night. A cemetery during a midnight storm. Such are just a few of the horror-movie conceits filmmaker ...

An American Vampire in Washington

by Ann Morrow June 27, 2012

“We are all slaves to something,” says an evildoer in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) is not deterred by this platitude in his mission to rid America of its conspiracy of bloodsuckers—whether political ...

Long In the Fangs

by Ann Morrow May 16, 2012


  Long before there was True Blood, or Twilight, or even The Vampire Lestat, there was Barnabas Collins—the first of the sympathetic mainstream vampires, a bloodsucker with a flair for human-style melodrama and a devotion to ...

Go Ask Someone Else

by Ann Morrow March 10, 2010

The talking creatures and demented denizens of Wonderland are not convinced that Alice—the teenage blonde girl who falls into their realm via a rabbit hole—is their Alice. Audiences will wonder the same thing, since Alice ...