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Tina Fey

Fall Film Preview

by Shawn Stone September 10, 2015


  I knew summer was over when I looked at the movie schedule and realized I was barely aware of the films opening this weekend. “Summer” at the movies starts in May and extends until Hollywood ...


Are We Related?

by Laura Leon September 25, 2014


  Based on the popular (or so I’m told) novel by screenwriter Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I Leave You is one of those movies whose preview has garnered a lot of buzz. I can’t tell ...

It’s Academic

by Laura Leon March 28, 2013


  With the hard-surface crackle and interior mushiness of some sort of overpriced gourmet candy, Admission promises wacky comedy, hints at cogent social satire, and delivers only a few chuckles and some nice moments between Tina ...