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Tom Cruise

The Germinator

by Ann Morrow May 1, 2013


  It starts with a lone astronaut narrating the apocalypse that turned Earth into a wasteland. “We won the war but lost the planet,” explains Jack (Tom Cruise), as he patrols the cracked-rock surface. After a ...

Missed Connections

by Laura Leon December 27, 2012


  Like millions of fans of the suspense author Lee Child, I was shocked when I heard that Tom Cruise had been tapped to play his main character, Jack Reacher. Reacher’s a loner and former military ...

Jukebox Zero

by Ann Morrow June 20, 2012


Rock of Ages, the Tony-nominated musical, is a saccharine valentine to big dumb loud rock music. Rock of Ages, the movie adapted from the Broadway musical, is the unintentional death knell to that music—known at ...

Bigger,Better, Faster, Harder

by Shawn Stone December 21, 2011


If you don’t like big action movies, then the suggestion that Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol is the most enjoyable edition of the 15-year-old Tom Cruise franchise isn’t going to mean much. But if you do, M:I—G.P. ...