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Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone October 3, 2012


  MOE WHO?  This seems as direct a way as any to spell out the correct pronunciation of MoHu, as in MoHu Fest, the 10-day-long, Capital Region-plus arts festival that begins tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 5) with ...

Glenn Miller Orchestra

by The Staff May 5, 2011


The Glenn Miller Orchestra, who are coming to Troy this Saturday, have outlived their founder by almost 60 years. This remarkable longevity is a testament to the “sound” Glenn Miller created: a tight, reed-centered harmony ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

The Second City

by The Staff April 13, 2011

thumb_15ndpicSECOND CITY

For over 50 years the Second City has been an incubator for the superstars of smart comedy to hone their skills and launch their careers. Alan Arkin, Joan Rivers, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Tina Fey, ...

The Chieftains

by The Staff February 16, 2011

The Chieftains have a long list of accomplishments to their name: six Grammy awards; a National Arts Club Medal of Honour; a performance for Pope John Paul II (and a million plus spectators); and last ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Sparkling Conversations

by B.A. Nilsson March 24, 2010

Although the violin-cello duo of Madalyn and Cicely Parnas have local roots, they’re destined for an international career that could make this area but a memory. Neither is 20; both have impressive virtuoso chops that ...