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United Artists Corporation

The Killer Elite

by Shawn Stone October 23, 2014


  Sam Peckinpah’s 1974 spy thriller The Killer Elite, new on Blu-ray from the boutique, Internet-only specialty label Twilight Time, is a movie that’s gloriously of its time. Practically every scene is infused with post-Watergate, post-Vietnam ...

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

by B.A. Nilsson February 20, 2014


  Fifty years later, the sought-after amount ($300,000) seems even more pitifully tiny, but the pursuit of that stash of cash has lost none of its plausibility. These people want that money and are prepared to ...

The Black Pirate / The Alloy Orchestra

by The Staff July 10, 2013


  The Alloy Orchestra, acclaimed silent-film accompanists, return to MASS MoCA this weekend to add their joyful noise to a screening of Douglas Fairbanks’ Technicolor swashbuckler, The Black Pirate. You read correctly: The still shown here may ...

Mass Moca

Licensed To Thrill

by Ann Morrow November 15, 2012


  Grim. Sensationally grim. In Skyfall, part three of the Daniel Craig-James Bond reboot, 007 is hit by friendly fire and given up for dead. In the opening sequence. And that’s not even the heavy part. ...