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Local Heroes 2013

by The Staff December 18, 2013


  Vic Christopher, Heather LaVine It’s a little hard to believe that the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery and Wine Bar in downtown Troy has been open for barely a year. Since renovating the historic 2nd Street candy ...


A Sad Song

by The Staff July 25, 2013

This makes us feel all sorts of icky inside. We are all for improvements and fresh ideas here in the Capital Region, but we are definitely not celebrating the loss of this music scene. Thanks ...

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Break Science

by The Staff December 14, 2012


Headlining electronic musicians finally seem to be getting their artistic due, but something ought to be said for the art of the opening DJ. With main attractions like Break Science making audiences wait until the ...


Readers Poll: Media & Arts

by The Staff March 8, 2012


Media   Best Local TV News 1. WNYT, NewsChannel13 2. WRGB, CBS6 3. WTEN, ABC10 In contrast with last year’s close vote totals, NewsChannel 13 won in a landslide. Only a few votes separated the runners-up.   Best Local TV News Anchor 1. Benita ...


Wye Oak

by The Staff January 26, 2011


“Hey,” you’re probably wondering, “what are the Americana-rock duo Wye Oak doing these days?” Well, they’ve just finished an acclaimed stint opening for the Decemberists at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway in New York City, and ...


Cloud Nothings, Scientific maps, Better Pills

by The Staff January 19, 2011

Hey cool kid! If you’ve been searching for the next Black Kids, for some reason, look no further: 19-year-old Dylan Baldi, the mastermind behind Cleveland band Cloud Nothings, makes the kind of juiced-up, lo-fi indie-pop ...


Secret Secret Dino Club, Lauren Rossi CD Release, the Late Shift, No Tag Backs, Carry the Tradition

by The Staff January 5, 2011

Saratoga Springs band Secret Secret Dino Club (usually written as simply Dino Club) identify themselves as a hip-hop/indie-rock band, but from the sound of their latest batch of tunes (you can hear them on MySpace) ...


Rattle and Hum

by David Greenberger March 10, 2010

The eponymously titled second album by the Blasters was released on Slash/Warner Bros. in 1981, the band’s step up into the big leagues after an independent label debut the year prior. The iconic cover was ...