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Valentines Day

I Can Almost Taste It

by Caroline Barrett February 5, 2015


  Allow me if you will, a moment or two to brag. It's not the usual brag, nothing to do with kids and how well someone did on a math test or an incredible save at ...

Through My Stomach to My Heart

by The Staff February 5, 2015


  Family tradition is Krause's Candy for each and every holiday or special occasion. When someone knows enough to go there for me I always feel special. When they know to get dark chocolate almond bark ...

Heart-Shaped Boxes

by The Staff February 10, 2014


  Once again, we offered about a dozen and a half local notables a chance to take our Valentine’s Day gift survey. We’re not sure if it’s the harsh winter, the lingering economic doldrums, or perhaps ...

The Gender Defenders

by The Staff February 14, 2013


  Let’s face it: Not everyone can get free for the big Valentine’s date on a Thursday night. Saturday, however, is perfect; and, as it just so happens, the Palace is hosting the Gender Defenders comedy ...

Palace Theatre

Sweet Things

by The Staff February 6, 2013


  For our Valentine’s Day gift guide this year, we decided not to trust our own instincts and offer you a selection of jaded staff picks (you didn’t really want to read our suggestions of gifts ...

Love in Blooms

by Ann Morrow February 9, 2012


A Ti leaf curls under, as though bowing from shyness in the presence of majestic roses and voluptuous peonies. In the same arrangement, green flax reaches above the blooms, gently waving. The artistic addition of ...

Courting Good Taste

by Amy Halloran February 9, 2011


Though I’ve never been presented with a heart-shaped box of chocolates (hint, hint), I’ve been wooed by plenty of food. Who hasn’t? I especially remember the meals that flopped. The presentation of coffee at midnight, ...

What’cha Want?

by The Staff February 9, 2011


Us? Well, we’d like a shoebox full of candy hearts that say “Coax Me” and cards from Michael Jordan telling us to “Slam dunk a super day!” Because Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite have the same ...

Boredom, Actually

by Laura Leon February 18, 2010

There was a time, first during the hard days of the Great Depression and later during the waning days of the studio star system, when audiences flocked to see “a cavalcade of stars” all in ...