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Too Cool for Everything

by John Rodat May 15, 2014


  By the late ’80s, Jim Jarmusch was a kind of lo-fi rock star of indie film. Films like Stranger Than Paradise, Down by Law and the marvelous Mystery Train were deadpan celebrations of idiosyncratic individuality: ...


by Ann Morrow November 20, 2012


  The Cullens are not “real” vampires and neither are the members of the clans they enlist for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2. If you’ve seen any of the preceding films, you already know this, ...

An American Vampire in Washington

by Ann Morrow June 27, 2012

“We are all slaves to something,” says an evildoer in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) is not deterred by this platitude in his mission to rid America of its conspiracy of bloodsuckers—whether political ...

The Beautiful and Darned

by Ann Morrow November 22, 2011


Vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) no longer has skin that sparkles in the sun—now that he’s out of high school, apparently, he’s just paler than the average man of leisure. In a movie franchise ...

A Bloody Good Time

by Shawn Stone August 25, 2011


This film is dedicated to the proposition that, while vampires may or may not be sexy, their principal interest is in drinking your blood. Jerry the vampire (Colin Ferrell) may enjoy a relaxing American lager while ...