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Hilary Hahn

by B.A. Nilsson April 24, 2014


  O Hilary: Why do you seek to drag us into the 21st century? Or the 20th, for that matter? You’re an international star, one of the finest of violin soloists, and you could have eased ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Itzhak Perlman

by B.A. Nilsson March 6, 2014


  There’s a published edition of Bazzini’s “Round of the Goblins” that reads, “For the player who has mastered all technical difficulties, because they’re all there in this brief violin showpiece. Not only must your left ...


Lindsey Stirling

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  OK, the music industry just officially jumped the shark. Beauty-pageant queen, vlogger, YouTube phenom and America’s Got Talent contestent Lindsey Stirling just scored a No. 1 record on both the Billboard classical and dance/electronic charts. ...

Upstate Concert Hall

Anna Lee

by The Staff January 25, 2013


  On the webs you can find a Wall Street Journal video that includes scenes of then-13-year-old (now 17-year-old) violinist Anna Lee performing with From the Top’s Christopher O’Riley, and then being photographed for the cover ...

Picotte Recital Hall

Timeless Virtuosity

by B.A. Nilsson January 12, 2012


The all-time, go-to, everybody-loves-it sonata for violin and piano was written in 1886 by César Franck. Edison had patented a recording device eight years earlier, and this piece gave musicians something to record on ever ...