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Vol.33 No.33

Upstate Odyssey

by Ali Hibbs August 18, 2010

A man sits beneath a tree on the side of a country road. A breeze rustles up along a fence line choked by long grass and wildflowers, excites the leaves overhead, and cuts the rising ...

Negotiations, Hired-Thug Style

by Ali Hibbs August 18, 2010

Ongoing hostilities escalated into violence this Saturday at the Holiday Inn Express in Latham when a private security guard hired by hotel management allegedly took a bullhorn from a picketer marching in front of the ...

Part of the Club

by B.A. Nilsson August 18, 2010

Cuisine: sandwiches, wraps, gourmet coffee Entrée price range: $5 (quiche) to $13 (Ultimate Jitter, a huge sandwich) Ambiance: colorful café "I know this business is supposed to be about turning tables and making money,” says Gina Prince, “but ...

Jitters Cafe

A Civilized Affair

by Jeremy D. Goodwin August 18, 2010

Maybe it was seeing Jeff Tweedy plunge into the water of a carnival-style dunk tank, while wearing the heavy red suit he dons onstage when Wilco is in full ham-it-up, showman mode. Maybe it was ...

Growing Services

by Ali Hibbs August 18, 2010

Packing boxes and plans for a greatly expanded space are both filling up as Albany’s Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood—one of Lark Street’s most enduring and visible presences—prepares to move to a new location in September. The ...

And It Rocked, Too

by Ali Hibbs August 18, 2010

But what of the sounds of the Solid Sound festival? Well, if you were a Wilco fan, you were clearly in the right place. Festival organizers had literally displayed the band’s name in front of ...

Smashing Pumpkins

by David King August 18, 2010

So the whole non-reunion thing didn’t work out for Billy Corgan. The band failed to explode again; the bombastic, Sabbath-inspired major-label release bombed; Corgan got nasty when fans asked for the hits at the band’s ...

Moby Grape

by David Greenberger August 18, 2010

Moby Grape’s spectacular flame-out is an often-told tale in the annals of rock music history. It’s not hard to imagine its elements of good and evil, bright expectations, dashed hopes, and madness becoming a bedtime ...

Crystal Castles

by David King August 18, 2010

The first time I heard Crystal Castles, the Palladia channel was showing footage of their set at some Hipsterpalooza-type festival. The sound sucked, and the image of a young girl in a short skirt throwing ...


by Mike Hotter August 18, 2010

Storied indie label Drag City has set itself up as a sort of underground version of Rhino Records in recent years, digging through the rock & roll vaults and reissuing albums it deems to be ...