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WCDB Anniversary featuring Cloud Nothings

by The Staff April 3, 2014


  Hey guys, sit up: It’s happening. The Low Beat and Pauly’s Hotel are joining forces on Saturday, forming like Voltron to become the coolest block in Albany to honor WCDB, UAlbany’s student radio station, on ...

Pauly's Hotel

Titus Andronicus

by The Staff December 24, 2013


  Ha! We knew Nicole Dellarocca couldn’t stay away. Before the curtain finally draws on Valentine’s, Dellarocca Booking and WCDB have cartelled up once more to bring in the good shit. If ever there was a ...


WCDB Birthday Bash

by The Staff February 28, 2013


  People talk about “college radio” as if it were this thing that happened once-upon-a-time in the ’80s. The conversation usually has something to do with R.E.M. The University at Albany’s student-operated radio station WCDB is ...


Tried and True

by KC Orcutt August 17, 2011


  The average DJ will show up on time, power through a pre-determined playlist, privately grimace at requests but honor them, pack up when the bar closes and be on his way once he’s paid. One ...

Joe Magnarelli and Peter Bernstein

by Jeff Nania May 25, 2011

“Do you guys do any kind of spiritual practice to help you get in the zone before you play,” I asked trumpeter Joe Magnarelli and guitarist Peter Bernstein during a question-and-answer segment before their performance ...