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Wedding Guide: Marriage, Remembered

by Darryl McGrath January 31, 2013

  My family history is populated by plenty of strong-willed women, but my grandmothers really stand out in this notable array of pioneers, artisans and survivors. My maternal grandmother was a Midwestern Methodist born on a Missouri ...

Wedding Guide: Outside the Church

by Shawn Stone January 31, 2013

  Growing up, I attended a lot of weddings because I have a lot of cousins. And all of these ceremonies were in churches. Each Spring from age 5 to 18, I endured one ceremony after ...

What You Ask For

by Stephen Leon January 31, 2013


When you are discussing your wedding-related service with clients, is there any one thing almost all of them ask for? To look stylish and comfortable on the dance floor on their wedding day. --Michèle Marie Paré, ...

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Pin It Down

by Molly Eadie January 31, 2013


In the old days, brides-to-be might have cut out pictures of dresses, flowers or cakes to stash in a box or on a bulletin board. But this is the digital age, and social-media sites have ...

Dumb Love

by Laura Leon May 2, 2012


The Five Year Engagement starts out cute—in fact, really cute, although not in a way that makes you cringe (that comes later). Tom (Jason Segal) proposes to Violet (Emily Blunt) on a romantic San Fran ...

Genre Crashers

by John Rodat May 19, 2011


First things first: Yes, chicks are funny. Are we all together on that? It’s ridiculous to have to point out, but sadly, it’s an issue that as a business matter—at least, within Hollywood—is still unsettled. Even ...