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EQXmas Party with Robert DeLong

by The Staff December 19, 2014


  It’s appropriate that Washington state native Robert DeLong is headlining this show, because WEQX was one of a handful of stations nationally that first played his 2013 breakthrough hit, “Global Concepts,” from the same-titled EP. DeLong ...

Putnam Den

The Features

by The Staff October 10, 2013


  We’ve run the numbers and determined that it’s mathematically impossible for you to have listened to WEQX in the last few months and not hear “This Disorder.” Heavy-duty rotation, bruh bruh. The breakout track has ...

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen

Readers’ Poll: Media

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  Best Local TV News 1. WNYT, NewsChannel 13 3. WTEN, ABC10 2. WRGB, CBS6 The results in this category never change—except this year, as News 10 edges out WRGB for second place. Best Local TV News Anchor 1. Benita Zahn, WNYT 2. ...