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William Shakespeare

Framed in Truth

by James Yeara August 28, 2015

  The moment American interloper Ira Aldridge (the deservedly much-lauded John Douglas Thompson) first meets the much-lauded Victorian actress Ellen Tree (Kelley Curran, star of Shakespeare & Company’s The Comedy of Errors here showing a range ...

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Glimmerglass Festival

by B.A. Nilsson July 23, 2015


  Even as the characters of Macbeth and his wife inspire each other to greater acts of infamy, so too do the roles that Verdi created vie in the realm of vocal demands. But with two ...

Glimmerglass Festival

Love’s Labour’s Lost

by The Staff July 17, 2015


  Saratoga Shakespeare Company return this week with their Congress Park production of the Bard’s bittersweet comedy, Love’s Labour’s Lost. In this romantic tangle, a king and his companions swear off the company of women for ...

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Crazy Fun

by James Yeara July 16, 2015

Photo by Enrico Spada.

  It was a tough off-season at Shakespeare and Company: Tony Simotes, 2014 artistic director and founding member of the troupe, “left” and was soon picked up by the Berkshire Theatre Group; the new executive director, ...

Shakespeare & Company

Timeless Audacity

by B.A. Nilsson August 14, 2014


  It’s a story of great sweep, a David Lean epic, but, as Shakespeare wrote it, laced with comedy of the Richard Lester variety. Henry IV is one of the Bard’s history plays, which right there ...

Shakespeare & Company

Condensed King

by B.A. Nilsson August 7, 2014


  Much as the royal families depicted in Henry IV celebrated marriage and consanguinity, so too does Shakespeare & Company’s current production of the play. Shakespeare wrote two plays to depict the title character, but Jonathan ...

Shakespeare & Company

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by The Staff July 17, 2014


  If you peruse our theater listings, you will find that there are no fewer than three productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream currently ongoing. There’s a reason for this: It’s one of Shakespeare’s very best. This ...

Indian Ladder Farms

Jazz Bard

by B.A. Nilsson July 10, 2014


  It’s party time in New Orleans--but wasn’t it always during that city’s fabled era as the wellspring of jazz? As a motley set of white-clad instrumentalists strikes up a rousing “Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives ...

Shakespeare & Company

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by B.A. Nilsson June 26, 2014


  “I like the idea of being in a world of magic. In the South, that kind of world is more of a reality,” says Johnny Lee Davenport, and he launches into the opening strain of ...

Shakespeare & Company

Much Ado About Nothing

by The Staff August 7, 2013


  Barrington Stage Company’s Julianne Boyd directs this production of one of the Bard’s best-loved comedies. How “best-loved” is it? Aside from the near-constant theatrical productions, there have been two splashy big-screen versions of Much Ado ...

Barrington Stage Company

Love’s Labour’s Won

by Laura Leon June 26, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

  Joss Whedon, noted mastermind behind TV hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and megaflicks like The Avengers, goes softer, yet more urgent, with his modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Set in Santa ...

Love’s Labour’s Lost

by The Staff June 20, 2013


  This early Shakespearian comedy begins with three male royals swearing off the company of women for a year so that they can pursue academic study. This, of course, falls apart immediately (and comically) when they ...

Shakespeare & Company

As You Like It

by The Staff March 6, 2013


  Mistaken identities, rampant cross-dressing, a raucous fool and star-crossed lovers—these are all familiar elements of Shakespearian comedy. And all of these are on hand for As You Like It, in which romance is threatened by ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Twelfth Night

by The Staff August 30, 2012


  Viola loves Orsino; Orsino loves Olivia; Olivia loves Viola, who, we should probably mention, is disguised as a man. There’s also a villain, and a missing twin brother, lurking about somewhere. Yes, we’re in the weird ...

Albany Civic Theater

Spells Cast, Spells Broken

by James Yeara August 2, 2012

At its best, Shakespeare and Company’s The Tempest is best critiqued by the playwright: “This is a most majestic vision, charming and harmonious” . . . “something rich and strange” . . . “Now I ...

Shakespeare & Company

Miami Spice

by Ann Morrow July 25, 2012


  It’s unlikely that pink flamingos were part of the set design for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night during its Elizabethan run, but for this season’s production by Saratoga Shakespeare Company, flamingos, and panama hats and Salsa music, ...

Congress Park

The Common Touch

by James Yeara June 27, 2012


The scene suggests Chekhov: Three sisters enter one after the other, their late-Edwardian dresses trailing across the floor. Their matching hats create a halo for each, and their white elbow-length opera gloves lend a statue’s ...

Shakespeare & Company

King Lear

by The Staff June 14, 2012


“We have seen the best of our time: machinations, hollowness, treachery, and all ruinous disorders, follow us disquietly to our graves.” That may read like a Paul Krugman observation on the political response to our failing ...

Shakespeare & Company

Much Ado About Nothing

by The Staff February 9, 2012


Benedick and Beatrice love each other but don’t want to admit it. Claudio and Hero love each other but are tricked into an acrimonious parting. What will happen? As Much Ado About Nothing is Shakespearian ...

Schacht Fine Arts Center

Man Is But an Ass

by John Rodat November 10, 2011


Director Roland Emmerich’s film Anonymous is about as successful an argument that Edward de Vere is the true writer of Shakespeare’s plays as his earlier film Godzilla is a successful argument that . . . ...

Radio and Juliet

by The Staff October 19, 2011


What do Shakespeare, Radiohead and a Slovenian ballet company have in common? Radio and Juliet. Choreographer Edward Clug has translated the Bard’s saga of star-crossed love into a spare contemporary ballet, touched with the isolating chill ...