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World War I

The Past is Prologue

by Ann Morrow August 7, 2014

  It was the war to end all wars—and we all know how that turned out. Which is one reason why remembering the outbreak of World War I is important: Since this first global conflict, not ...

War Horse

by The Staff January 9, 2014


  It’s hard to imagine in our modern, mechanized digital world, but horses played a key part in the first modern war of the last century. A staggering number of horses participated—and died—in World War I; ...



by The Staff June 13, 2013


  Shakespeare & Company’s latest production, Heroes, opens with a preview performance tonight (Thursday). The award-winning Heroes is “the irreverent and poignant story of three World War I veterans confined to a retirement home in their ...

Shakespeare & Company Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre

Left at the Gate

by Ann Morrow January 12, 2012


The great tactical advantage of men on horses doing battle against men who are not came to a gruesome end during World War I—a monumental change in technology that is shown in all its tragic ...