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Holistic Wellness

by melissabunning on November 13, 2012 · 0 comments

The Awakened Heart School

26 First St., Albany, 432-0849, awakenedheartschool.com
The Awakened Heart School offers a holistic and developmental approach to the spiritual life that incorporates the wisdom of the religious and mystical traditions of the world, philosophy east and west, modern depth psychology, and the emerging contemporary spiritual paradigm that provides what we call a New Story, for our time. Founded in 2006 by Mimi and John O’Neill in Albany, the Awakened Heart School presents a 10 month spiritual training course. Call or visit website for more information and course brochure.


Marjorie Hope Gross, _A.A.S., C.P., Certified Psychosynthesist, Life Growth Facilitator, Holistic Counseling 862-1974, psychosynthesist.com
Sometimes you just need someone to talk to . . . when the way you feel is affecting your sleep, your eating habits, your job, your relationships, your everyday life. Holistic Counseling offers a gentle approach that can help you overcome obstacles keeping you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be. Although you might not have a clinical condition or symptoms, I can help you learn more about yourself, as well as others, and how you can live your life with deeper personal satisfaction. Contact me for your free consultation and we will begin the journey together.

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