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Readers' Picks 2010


Best Local TV News

1. WNYT 13

2. WTEN 10

3. Capital News 9

Channel 13 still holding strong with a significant lead over its runner-up.

Best Local TV News Anchor

1. Lydia Kulbida

2. Liz Bishop

3. (tie) John Gray, Jim Kambrich

We know you love your Lydia Kulbida, and you know we do too.

Best Local Meteorologist

1. Steve Caporizzo

2. Bob Kovachick

3. Paul Caiano

Steve Caporizzo wins this every year. You people canít get enough of your pet-rescuing meteorologist.

Best Local Sportscaster

1. Rodger Wyland

2. Rich Becker

3. Joe Calderone

Rodger Wyland is out there putting points on the board.

Best Local News Radio


2. WGY


We are sure that Alan Chartock thanks you.

Best Local Music Radio




Good on you, representing the local music scene.

Best Local Radio DJ

1. Ralph Renna

2. Kevin Richards

3. Brian Cody

Weíll take your word for it.

Best Local Publication

1. Metroland

2. Times Union

3. Daily Gazette

Surely, this vote was corrupt (like Florida 2000).

Best Local Arts Coverage

1. Metroland

2. Times Union

3. Nippertown

Hey, thanks! And we got our RSS readers set to Nippertown, too!

Best Local Print Journalist

1. Fred LeBrun

2. (tie) Chet Hardin, Carl Strock

Whatís this Metroland hoodlum doing rubbing elbows with these respected local bigwigs?

Best Local TV Commercial

1. Fucillo

2. Catís Eye

3. Taft Furniture

Of course he won. Heís the only guy we can think of who has inspired a parody commercial: Itís humongous!

Best Local Web Site (news)

1. Times Union

2. All Over Albany

3. Capital News 9 keeps its healthy lead, but oleí AOA is gaining ground. . .

Best Local Web Site (community)

1. All Over Albany

2. Times Union


AOA has made itself damn near indispensable to its community, itís true.

Best Local Web Site (arts)

1. All Over Albany

2. Metroland

3. Nippertown

Congrats again, AOA.

Best Local Web Site (music)

1. Crumbs

2. Metroland

3. All Over Albany

Weíre big fans of Crumbs, too.

Best Local Blog

1. Friday Puppy

2. All Over Albany

3. Times Union

Who doesnít like the puppies?

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