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Note to readers: A logistical problem prevented us from running the profile of local musician Nate Buccieri that is teased on this week’s cover. It will appear in an upcoming issue.


O GIVE ME A HOME: MotherJudge is looking for another spot to host her now-legendary Wednesday-night open mike series, which no longer calls the Fuze Box home. A couple weeks back she got the news that her Wednesday-night slot was being given to a DJ displaced from the Power Company across the street. The Power Company, also owned the Fuze Box folks, apparently received noise complaints from neighbors about the disco dance parties that took place there on Wednesdays. MotherJudge was told by the Fuze Box manager that she’d have to slide over to a different night to make room for the DJ, who also brings in a crowd. Perhaps a Thursday or a Sunday.

“I’ve tried Sundays,” she says, “and I’ve realized that musicians are tired on Sundays.” MotherJudge doesn’t take her open-mike hostess duties lightly, and she has tested many variables before settling with an equation that works—which is proven by the popularity of her open-mike nights regardless of venue changes. And she has found that Wednesday seems to be a good choice for many reasons.

And Thursday is out too. After MotherJudge moved her series from the Larkin to the Fuze Box last spring (the two clubs are right around the corner from one another), Paddy Kilrain took over as Larkin open-mike host—and, according to MotherJudge, they were nice enough to change it to Thursday to not compete with her.

“They would have loved it if I had taken this dead night,” MotherJudge says of the Fuze Box’s suggestion of a Sunday-night event. But for her, the amount of energy it would take to inform the public and retrain them to head to her open-mike on a different night seemed overwhelming. “I felt I should move on,” she said.

“Sometimes when things go south it’s best to move on,” she says, noting that she sometimes sees crisis as an opportunity—and she’ll regroup and look for another place to inhabit. “It’s always nice to create something where there’s nothing.”

In the meantime, she’s busy finishing up the first CD in a series of live open-mike performances and getting a Web site up and running. Keep checking for updates on when and where the series will start up again.

FREE PRESS: The first issue of Screed, a free magazine filled with poetry, prose, musings, artwork, a CD—there’s even a transcription of a song on the back cover that you can learn and whip out at office parties—hit the streets a couple weeks back, and we’d like to tell you where you can get yourself one, but we don’t think there are any left. Try Last Vestige on Albany’s Quail Street, or Uncommon Grounds on Western Avenue near the UAlbany campus. There were initially bunches of them dropped all around the city of Albany, but most, if not all, have been snarfed up.

Screed is a project by the members of Miss Mary’s Art Space to benefit that space. The CD, the hardworking effort of Kitty Little’s Matto, was a huge hit. There are songs by so many of Albany’s great bands, and folks are clamoring to get their hands on one. If enough people harass Matto, he may make another run of them.

Speaking of Kitty Little, check out their new Web site,, designed by Nick Forte. If you’re like us, you’ve been awaiting this arrival, and it beat all of our expectations. It’s really cute, as you can imagine, and it’s replete with images of sweets and candy, band info, pictures, fliers and the like.

ROCK & ROLL RADIO, LET’S GO: The Kamikaze Hearts, along with Planetary Group, are in the midst of a huge PR and college-radio campaign, and they’re shipping out their new eponymous CD to hundreds of college radio stations. They’ll also have their song “Beverly Hills” featured on a CMJ compilation, Certain Damage—which is sent to the magazine’s subscribers and CMJ reporting schools. It’ll be out May 5. Check out for information and funny pictures.

—Kate Sipher

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