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Readers Poll: Best Media

by Metroland Staff on April 9, 2014 · 6 comments


Best Local TV News

1. WNYT, NewsChannel 13

3. WTEN, News 10 ABC


WNYT wins again, and remains your clear favorite. Interestingly, WTEN pulled further ahead of WRGB.

Best Local TV News Anchor

1.  Benita Zahn, WNYT

2.  John Gray, WTEN

3.  (tie) Liz Bishop, WRGB and Phil Bayly, WNYT

Only a handful of votes separated winner Benita Zahn from John Gray, as WTEN improves in yet another category.

Best Local Meteorologist

1.  Steve Caporizzo, WTEN

2.  Bob Kovachick, WNYT

3.  Paul Caiano, WNYT

Another squeaker, as Steve Caporizzo edges out Bob Kovachick in one of the most popular categories. (You may not have much of an opinion on Best Twitter Feed, but you are serious about Best Meteorologist.)

Best Local Sportscaster

1.  Rodger Wyland, WNYT

2.  Marisa Jacques, YNN

3.  Liana Bonavita, WTEN

Wyland, the current dean of Albany sportscasters, is your clear go-to guy for sports news and commentary.

Best News Radio Station

1.  WAMC

2.  WGY

3.  Fly 92

WAMC Public Radio, with its string of news bureaus from one corner of the region to the others, wins big again.

Best Talk Radio

1.  WAMC

2.  WGY

3.  Talk 1300

We’re not sure whether it’s Vox Pop or The Roundtable’s panel you listen to most, but WAMC is your favorite nonetheless.

Best Local Music Radio

1.  WEQX

2.  WEXT

3.  The Cat

A big win for Vermont’s indie-rock stalwart, followed by throroughly respectable showings for your public-radio and country faves.

Best Local Radio DJ

1.  Jeff Morad, WEQX

2.  Jake Allen, The Cat

3.  Brian Cody, Fly 92

This category was really close, and we think we know why: Morad’s the king of rock; Allen’s the king of country; and Cody’s the king of pop (sorry MJ).

Best Local Publication

1.  Metroland

2.  Times Union

3.  The Daily Gazette

We’re not trying to brag, but we . . . um . . . did well in this category. Really well. Thanks!

Best Local Arts Coverage

1.  Metroland

2.  Nippertown

3.  Times Union

Gee, thanks. Really.

Best Local Print Journalist

1.  Paul Grondahl

2.  Josh Potter

3.  Jordan Carleo-Evangelist

You can’t resist the literary qualities of Grondahl’s in-depth stories, can you? Also: Nice going, Potter. And no worries, Jordan: It was close.

Best Local TV Commercial

1.  Fuccillo Automotive Group

2.  Catseye Pest Control

3.  Adirondack Tire

Billy’s still “huuuuuuuuge,” but Caddie’s closing in.

Best Local Website (News)

1.  Times Union

2.  All Over Albany

3.  WNYT NewsChannel 13

They may delay posting some of their choicest bits in favor of the print product, but, in the end, you can’t beat the sprawling blogtopus that is the TU website.

Best Local Website (Community)

1.  All Over Albany

2.  Keep Albany Boring

3.  Nippertown

AOA was your clear favorite by a big margin, probably because of their nice mix of news news  and food news.

Best Local Website (Arts)

1.  Nippertown

2.  All Over Albany

3.  (tie) Keep Albany Boring and Metroland

We’re guessing Nippertown won—and they were the clear winner—because they’re timely and comprehensive. And cool.

Best Local Website (Music)

1.  Nippertown

2. Keep Albany Boring

3. CRUMBS.net

Best  Wi-Fi

1.  Starbucks

2.  Hudson River Coffee House

3.  Panera Bread

The Hudson River Coffee House, with its single location, stood up well against its bigger brethren.

Best  Local Blog

1.  All Over Albany

2.  Table Hopping

3.  Keep Albany Boring

AOA is your fave by a clear margin, but it was pretty close race for second place.

Best Twitter Feed

1.  The Cinephile NY

2.  Jason Caterina

3.  Kevin McCashion

A repeat winner.

Readers Poll: Best Goods & Services

Arts & Entertainment

People & Places


UPDATE: Best Local Website (Music) was inadvertently omitted from the list. We apologize for the error.

UPDATE 2: Spelling correction in Best Anchorman.


Steven Billing April 11, 2014 at 10:08 am

So glad Benita Zahn won Best New Anchor. I just love her!!

Andrew Gregory April 14, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Thanks for finding Best Local Website (Music) catagory. Mike Guzzo, Rich Krissel, and I really appreciate all the votes, putting us in the great company of Nippertown and Keep Albany Boring.

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