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Ghost Town: The Hebron Story

by The Staff November 26, 2014


  Wednesday (Dec. 3) will see the premiere of local filmmaker Ellie Bernstein’s documentary Ghost Town: The Hebron Story. Bernstein has made many trips to Israel and the West Bank over the years, and here tells ...

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No Longer Looking Away

by Miriam Axel-Lute September 25, 2014


  The e-mail message had no content. Only a subject line, which read “Enough already. Sign me up.” The e-mail came from a rabbi to Jewish Voice for Peace this summer as the attacks on Gaza were ...


Personal and Political

by Ann Morrow August 1, 2013


  The Attack is about an Arab surgeon in Tel Aviv whose wife disappears and is suspected of terrorism. Yet despite its title and setting, this Lebanese film (adapted from an Algerian novel) can be thought ...

The Talking Wounded

by Ann Morrow March 28, 2013


  This year’s Oscar nominees for Best Documentary were some of the hardest-hitting in memory, including, oddly enough, two on the issue of Palestinean statehood. The Gatekeepers, by Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, concerns Shin Bet, Israel’s ...