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Arts Feature

Best of 2015: Arts & Entertainment

by The Staff July 23, 2015

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  Best Museum The Hyde Collection 161 Warren St., Glens Falls The Hyde Collection as it stands today is the product of generous 20th-century philanthropy and deft 21st-century vision. Earlier this month TripAdvisor, aka “the world’s largest travel website,” ...


Wide Awake Summer Reading

by Ann Morrow June 6, 2015

  These are not read-at-the-beach books, simply because they are too hard to put down, and also because the writing styles of both authors deserve sustained attention. Joyce Carol Oates, a multiple Pulitzer-Prize nominee, often writes ...

Artistic Identities

by Ann Morrow January 29, 2015


  In The Lives of Hamilton Fish, a film by New York City artist and songwriter Rachel Mason, a politician named Hamilton Fish is linked by fate to a criminal also named Hamilton Fish. Mason, who ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Je suis nobody

by Maude Springer January 15, 2015


  “By laughter, society revenges itself for the liberties taken with it,” said Henri Bergson in La Rire (“Laughter”), 115 years ago in France, a country where ridicule is as dear to the native heart as ...

Gift Guide: Blu-ray & DVD

by Shawn Stone December 11, 2014


  The mad run-up to Christmas has begun, with a cornucopia of new Blu-ray and DVD releases this week. Just in time for Christmas, Disney has the year’s biggest film, the sci-fi smash Guardians of the ...

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech

by Rick Marshall December 11, 2014


  Gifting great tech can be a daunting proposition any day, but it’s especially stressful during the holidays, when we’re flooded with a seemingly never-ending tide of next-generation widgets and slimmer, faster gadgets all claiming to ...

Gift Guide: Video Games

by David King December 11, 2014


  This year the games industry was less defined by great games and more by growing pains brought on by the release of new systems, developers who are increasingly under the gun to meet corporate deadlines ...


Fall Arts Preview

by The Staff September 11, 2014


  Pop Music The Armory 195 Washington Ave., Albany, 512-5203. 9/24: Safe in Sound Festival featuring Destroid, Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead. 10/25: Festival of the Dead. 11/21: Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens. 11/25: Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies. Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker ...

Ale to the King

by Rick Marshall August 21, 2014


  In the world of comic books, the late Jack Kirby is king. Kirby is the artist responsible for bringing visual form to Captain America, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and countless other superheroes known ...

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Thinking Inside the Machine

by Carson Frame August 7, 2014


  “Welcome, my son, welcome to the machine.” These Pink Floyd lyrics, blasting from a car stereo, normally would remind the listener of his/her place within an all-seeing, ironclad system. They point to the dilution of creativity ...

The Machine

Best of Arts & Entertainment

by The Staff July 24, 2014


  Best Museum Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute 225 South St., Williamstown, Mass. They always were the best. With the major expansion/renovation of the Clark grounds and campus, there’s just a lot more to love. Best Art Gallery The Foundry ...


A Story All in One Face

by Carson Frame April 24, 2014


  Everywhere Greg Dunn looks, he finds the bones of stories. As a building renovator with Albany Artisans, he’s no stranger to aged wood, buckling drywall, leaky pipes and old machines. Dunn sees these objects as ...

Readers Poll: Arts & Entertainment

by The Staff April 10, 2014


  Best Movie Theater 1.  Spectrum 8 Theatres 2.  Regal Colonie Center Stadium 13 3.  Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas Saratoga No contest: Spectrum 8 Theatres is the indie theater this town deserves as well as the anchor of the Delaware ...


Spring Arts Preview

by The Staff February 27, 2014


  Pop Music Bearsville Theatre 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, (845) 679-446. March 7: Cover to Cover. March 21: Melissa Ferrick. March 22: Jeremy Spencer. March 22: Jeffery Gaines. March 28: Foster McGinty. March 29: Uhadi. March 30: Mike Gordon. ...

The Real Thing

by Laura Leon February 13, 2014


  We were talking recently about how some kids just out of high school don’t know how to do certain things we used to take as givens when it came to holding a job—things like making ...

The Master

by Ann Morrow February 10, 2014


  As the eulogies for actor Philip Seymour Hoffman pour in, as the debate over untimely deaths of celebrities from drug addiction are renewed, yet again, this may be the time to remember that he was ...

Death of a Deep Man

by Bruce Bouchard February 10, 2014

  In the late 1980s, while teaching at SUNY, I had the honor to help and advise two remarkable theater students, John Ortiz (Silver Linings Playbook) and Stephen Adly Guirgis (Pulitzer finalist, The Motherfucker With the ...

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Best Cinema 2013: Ann Morrow

by Ann Morrow December 24, 2013


    1. Gravity A heart-pounding and hauntingly meditative 21st-century adventure tale centered on the Sandra Bullock’s walled-off NASA engineer, and her reliance on George Clooney’s more experienced astronaut, as they maneuver through sensationally rendered outer-space catastrophes. The ...

Best Cinema 2013: Shawn Stone

by Shawn Stone December 24, 2013


    1. Gravity This lost-in-space story balances the human drama of a pair of astronauts (Sandra Bullock, George Clooney) with dazzling 3D special effects for the best 90 minutes of cinema this year. 2. Before Midnight Film number three ...

Best Cinema 2013: Laura Leon

by Laura Leon December 24, 2013


    1. Enough Said Poignant—and not just because costar James Gandolfini died suddenly prior to its release—warm, funny and wise, Enough Said is amazingly just like real life. 2. Dallas Buyers Club This is a wise and compelling story ...

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Best Cinema 2013: Ralph Hammann

by Ralph Hammann December 24, 2013

Tom Hanks stars in Columbia Pictures' "Captain Phillips."

  2013 was a particularly exciting year for women’s performances. Unfortunately, the list of best films does not pay tribute to all of the great work done by actresses. So, in addition to those cited therein, ...

Best Theater 2013: James Yeara

by James Yeara December 24, 2013

  1. Stockholm Stageworks/Hudson Having its American premiere at Stageworks/Hudson, Stockholm was riveting. The play was a dash of Mamet, a pinch of Ruhl, a sweating of Pinter, a snap of LaBute, sprinklings of Albee, a zest of ...


Best Blu-ray/DVD 2013: Shawn Stone

by Shawn Stone December 24, 2013


1. The Big Parade A stunning presentation of King Vidor’s World War I epic. (Warner Home Video) 2. The Man Who Knew Too Much In one of the Blu-ray/DVD extras, Guillermo del Toro persuasively argues that this is ...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Blu-ray/DVD

by Shawn Stone December 12, 2013


  The drought of catalog titles on home video ended this year, as the studios either started issuing their own editions again or licensed them to boutique labels. Some did both: Fox issued a lovely Blu-ray ...

Holiday Gift Guide: Video Games

by David King December 12, 2013


  Every so often during my childhood a video game company or two would release new game systems--and each year it was more a curse than a blessing. I would beg, plead and cajole my mother ...