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No Last Call

by Erin Pihlaja December 20, 2012


On Dec. 17, the Albany Common Council voted not to support a proposal by Raven’s Head Brewing Co. to convert the long-vacant St. Joseph’s church to a brewery and brew pub. While the final decision ...

Oh What Fun

by Erin Pihlaja December 14, 2012


Carolers young and old flooded the Times Union Center on Wednesday (12/12/12) to help set a world record for the most people singing “Jingle Bells” while ringing jingle bells. The event was the brainchild of ...

Which Way to the River?

by Erin Pihlaja December 13, 2012

It’s pretty easy to hate on Interstate 787, but the “monstrosity,” as it was described during a public hearing on the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program in Albany, is just one of many impediments that will ...

Care for the Caregivers

by Erin Pihlaja December 6, 2012

When the Albany County nursing home was built in 1973 at 780 Albany Shaker Road, it was hailed as a $9 million “state-of-the-art” facility. Patients from the Ann Lee home and the Hun Memorial tuberculosis ...

Uncle Sam Skates

by Erin Pihlaja December 6, 2012


  Glass shards from broken liquor bottles lie on the cement; small testaments of illicit behavior that goes largely unchecked under the highways at the foot of Hoosick Street, just before the Hudson River. Someone once ...

The No Zone

by Ann Morrow November 29, 2012


  Watervliet has only one “building of distinction” and as of last Tuesday, that building, known by its majestic 137-foot-high tower, may be doomed to obliteration. Two days before Thanksgiving, the Watervliet Common Council, in a special ...

Everyday Santa Claus

by Erin Pihlaja November 29, 2012


“When you get that call saying your family has been adopted, it's a huge sense of relief,” said Tawana Cook. Cook is a recipient of the Adopt-a-Family program facilitated by the Commission on Economic Opportunity ...

charity for the holidays

Rave On

by Josh Potter November 29, 2012

With this Friday’s “Masquerave” rescheduled from Oct. 26, the Washington Avenue Armory will return to the concert business after being issued a cease and desist order from the city of Albany following the now-infamous Oct. ...

Thanksgiving Buzz

by Erin Pihlaja November 21, 2012

Like many area coffee roasters and cafes, Tierra Coffee Roasters has a weekly open mic night, its own freshly roasted beans, a customer base of caffeine-addicted students and professionals, and a little bit of sassy ...

Golden Twilight?

by Erin Pihlaja November 21, 2012


  Twinkies, an icon of processed junk food, may disappear. Panic ensued last week when Hostess Brands Inc., creator of Twinkies, Wonder Bread and various other baked goods, announced that it would shutter operations at its ...

Ready to Run

by Erin Pihlaja November 21, 2012

Kathy Sheehan

  In front of the sculpted, outstretched arms of the Moses sculpture in Washington Park, Albany City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan addressed a small crowd on Saturday (Nov. 17) afternoon. “I am not running against anyone, I ...

For Earth’s Sake

by Marc Maximov November 16, 2012

  With the election over and the northeastern United States still drying its socks from the latest semiannual “storm of the century,” author, activist and Vermont resident Bill McKibben has been girding for battle. The day ...

Albany Gets Ready for Its Close-Up

by Ella Niyokindi November 15, 2012


  Crew members of C-SPAN, the cable television network that offers coverage of federal government proceedings and other public-affairs programming via three channels (C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3), will spend a week in Albany, in specially detailed ...

Disputed Lines

by Erin Pihlaja November 15, 2012

The third and final public meeting on the redistricting of Albany’s ward lines was held Tuesday night (Nov. 13) at the Arbor Hill Public Library. Members of the Reapportionment Committee, charged with submitting new maps ...

Field of Dreams

by Erin Pihlaja November 8, 2012


The Troy City Council voted unanimously last week to support a bid for a NYSERDA grant, which Councilman Rodney Wiltshire (D-At Large) said would cover up to half the costs required to install a city-owned ...

solar farm

Democrat Party

by Erin Pihlaja November 8, 2012


After months of enduring increasingly negative campaign ads, stump speeches, and the repetitive talking points of pundits everywhere, the 2012 elections are pretty much over. Here’s how things shaped up in the Capital Region: Democratic U.S. ...

Sandy, We Hardly Knew You

by Erin Pihlaja November 1, 2012

  On Monday afternoon, bare grocery store shelves, like these in Price Chopper on Madison Avenue in Albany, demonstrated that Capital Region residents were preparing for the worst as superstorm Sandy barreled toward the East Coast. ...


by Erin Pihlaja November 1, 2012

GAR Associates, a New York State real estate consulting and appraisal firm, recently finished collecting data on all of the properties in the city of Troy. The company was hired by the city to reevaluate ...

Occupy Albany Anniversary

by Molly Eadie October 25, 2012

  On Sunday (Oct. 21), one year after Occupy Albany set up camp, from which they were eventually evicted, Occupiers marched to Academy Park to review the year and celebrate. While they've moved out of the ...

School House Switch

by Erin Pihlaja October 25, 2012


  The Philip Livingston Magnet Academy, formerly known as Philip Livingston Junior High, has seen better days. Named after Philip Livingston, who signed the Declaration of Independence, the building has been called a “centerpiece” of the ...

Redrawing the Map

by Erin Pihlaja October 17, 2012

  “Every 10 years, you get to shuffle this deck, and that’s a good thing,” said Aaron Mair, a local civil-rights activist. The shuffling in this instance will be Albany’s wards. Albany is divided into 15 legislative ...

Don’t Bank on Her

by Stephen Leon October 17, 2012

thumb_42newspic_lindsay_ben huff

  While most political junkies have been occupied this past week with the feisty VP and presidential debates and the ensuing clash of the pundits, another presidential candidate made a campaign stop in Albany Monday with ...

Clean Up, Clear Out

by Erin Pihlaja October 10, 2012


  What would you do with six acres of prime, vacant real estate on the Hudson River? That’s what the city of Troy is trying to decide now that a long-term lease between the city and ...

Out of the Park

by Erin Pihlaja October 4, 2012


  After the tents came down in Academy Park last winter, with help from the Albany Police and an eviction order issued by the city of Albany, Occupy Albany, along with other Occupy movements across the ...


The Original Corner Store

by Amy Halloran September 27, 2012


  Cathe Casey lives around the corner from the Niskayuna Co-op Market, where she is a board member. Twenty years ago when her home burned, before the fire trucks had even left the street, the co-op ...