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Break Science

by The Staff December 14, 2012


Headlining electronic musicians finally seem to be getting their artistic due, but something ought to be said for the art of the opening DJ. With main attractions like Break Science making audiences wait until the ...


Carrie Underwood

by Shawn Stone December 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood TIMES UNION CENTER, DEC. 4 Carrie Underwood’s production at the Times Union Center last week is what a “really big show” is supposed to be. Underwood may have gotten her start by winning American ...

De La Soul

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

“You all like anything that's out now?” Trugoy asked the crowd. “I'm trying to figure if there's anything out I should listen to.” The crowd shouted back a few names, and he agreed to a ...

Marco Benevento

by Josh Potter December 6, 2012

He was probably just a little drunk and clowning, but when Marco Benevento put on a pair of oversized sunglasses partway through his set, it was impossible not to think he was somehow channeling Elton ...

Railbird EP Release

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

Railbird's homecoming Friday night at Valentine's saw them perform all three songs from their newly released EP, Lucky, as well as new interpretations of some of their most popular tunes from their album No One. Local ...

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Paul Geremia

by B.A. Nilsson December 6, 2012

If I was inclined to doubt the veracity of Paul Geremia’s tale of a private lesson from Howlin’ Wolf—a lesson that took place in Geremia’s condemned Brookline flat, in which the only furniture was a ...

Killer Mike

by Taylor Morris November 21, 2012

One standard of measurement for live rap music is how well an artist can entertain fans in the strangest or least-ideal of situations. Put another way: How comfortable they seem with their artistic merit to ...

Pedrito Martinez Quartet

by Jeff Nania November 21, 2012

Pedrito Martinez is no stranger to the Capital Region. He brought his group with pianist Ariacne Trujillo, Percussionist Jhair Sala, and bassist Alvaro Benevides to Mountain Jam,  SPAC Jazz Fest, and Albany Riverfront Jazz Fest ...

The David Bromberg Big Band, Mike + Ruthy

by B.A. Nilsson November 21, 2012

As David Bromberg and his band erupted into his signature original “Sharon” for the umpteenth time, as I felt the joy of seeing and hearing this live, for my own somethingth time, I realized that ...


by Josh Potter November 15, 2012


Yeasayer’s set Saturday night was a bit like an alien abduction (at least, the bits I recall of the latter). Ominous green lights bathed the stage as a robotic female voice said “good evening Clifton ...

Dillon Francis

by Josh Potter November 15, 2012

It’s a fairly ridiculous proposition to try and review a dance party. This may be one valid argument for the camp that aims to label shows like Dillon Francis’ Wet and Wreckless Tour a “nightclub” ...

Dr. John and the Blind Boys of Alabama

by Raurri Jennings November 8, 2012

Dr. John has been my medicine man since junior year of college. From the moment I heard him growl, “Hot steppin’ mama keep on foxing witcha little foxy self,” on “Desitively Bonaroo,” the spell was ...

Pretty Lights

by Josh Potter November 8, 2012

It’s unlikely that many Pretty Lights fans noticed the banner hanging from the Times Union Center rafters—a mock “retired jersey” celebrating Billy Joel’s all-time box-office sales record at Albany’s biggest concert space. And so it’s ...

Fiona Apple

by Josh Potter October 25, 2012


To a certain degree, we want our performers to carry the crazy gene. It’s the DNA sequence that makes their persona spectacular—a volatility that can be safely mediated through sounds and images. And yet, the ...


Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson

by David King October 25, 2012

Marilyn Manson informed the crowd at the Glens Falls Civic Center on Tuesday night that the police had warned him not to advocate drug use and “anal sex” but the only people that bought that ...



by John Rodat October 25, 2012


The linking of Morrissey with Oscar Wilde is one that the former Smiths frontman and now-iconic solo artist has much encouraged, himself. He’s been photographed lounging at that 19th-century decadents’ Parisian grave and, at Thursday’s ...

Public Image Ltd.

by Metroland Staff October 18, 2012


The whole Public Image Ltd. (PiL) thing has, for John Lydon (Johnny Rotten), been a punk-rock indictment of the celebrity machine that is the music industry. Yet, when Lydon took the Upstate Concert Hall stage ...

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Whiskey, Tea and Jesus

by Raurri Jennings October 17, 2012

  Shuffling onstage bearded and besweatered, emerging Richmond, Va., singer-songwriter Matthew E. White was the embodiment of the warmth he committed to tape on his debut record, Big Inner. White was backed by an impressive nine-piece ...

Club Helsinki

Robert Glasper Experiment

by Jeff Nania October 11, 2012

Robert Glasper’s newest release, Black Radio, has a lot of great stuff on it, but one of the things it doesn’t have much of is extended improvisational sections. This show at the Egg featured material ...

Medeski, Martin and Wood

by Josh Potter October 11, 2012

At the end of the trio’s first set, drummer Billy Martin used a somewhat cursory album plug to offer a mission statement for the accessory tour on which Medeski, Martin and Wood have embarked. Free ...

Tim Hecker

by Josh Potter October 11, 2012

There must be a kind of Willy Wonka moment when an electronic performer first enters the EMPAC concert hall for a residency. The multichannel customization potential is a bit like the sonic equivalent of Wonka’s ...


by Josh Potter September 27, 2012

  Partway into her set, Grimes (the stage name of Montreal-based electronic artist Claire Boucher) asked the sound man to turn up the drums so she could [pantomimes bouncing in her chair] and the light man ...

Basilica Hudson

Keller Williams

by Elyse Beaudoin September 27, 2012

  Hoots, hollers and applause rose up from the crowd as one-man band and looping master Keller Williams strolled onto the Upstate Concert Hall stage with a jolly smile. He wore the same familiar haircut, earth-tone ...

The Upstate Concert Hall

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

by Josh Potter September 27, 2012

  If Godspeed You! Black Emperor were given a grant and told to build themselves the ideal musical environment, it would likely look a lot like Basilica Hudson. Which probably explains the intermittently touring Montreal-based band’s ...

Basilica Hudson

Braids, Railbird, Hand Habits

by Raurri Jennings September 27, 2012

  Say what you’d like about Valentine’s cockeyed pool table and infamous bathrooms, but they have made one solid booking after another this year, proving St. Vincent’s booking agent dead wrong that there is no market ...