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by David Greenberger September 24, 2015


  Never partial to making “The” an official part of their moniker, Small Faces became Faces in one of the more surprising reinventions on any band from the ’60s. (The Beach Boys, circa So Tough with ...


Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

by David King September 10, 2015


  Cambridge’s Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are purveyors of a unique brand of sinister nostalgia. Combining the foreboding doom of Black Sabbath with the bopping pop of the Beatles, the band are unafraid of wearing ...



by David King September 10, 2015


  In a recent feature titled “10 New Artists You Need to Know,” Rolling Stone described Windhand’s sound as “Nirvana vinyl played way too slow, way too loud and backwards.” Despite the magazine’s uncanny ability to ...


We’re Still Missing This One

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  Legendary producer Bob Johnston died earlier this month. This is an excerpt from my online book bobjohnstonbook.com. Now that Johnny Cash and Bob are no longer with is, maybe Columbia will finally release this extraordinary ...


Hope Drone

by David King August 20, 2015


  Australia’s Hope Drone fancy themselves an artistic black-metal band, and while they do employ some of the musical staples of the genre and convey the appropriate amounts of sorrow and dread, it's hard to fit ...


Ecstatic Vision

by David King August 20, 2015


  Fair warning: Sonic Praise ideally is listened to on drives on late summer nights, when it’s too hot to think and too late to care. When all there is to do is drive and forget ...



by David King August 20, 2015


  What's more frightening? An entire generation too strung out from last night’s foam party to care that the world is turning to shit, or one that is totally aware of all the world’s horrors but ...


One Clear Moment

by David Greenberger August 13, 2015

33recordingspic_grease bandTHUMB

  In 1971, at 17, I’d buy LPs from a disc jockey on the local Top 40 station who’d bring them home to sell for a dollar each. This was my portal into a world beyond ...



by David King July 9, 2015


  Lindemann, the side project featuring Till Lindemann of Rammstein and Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy, have released an album designed to shock, repel, infuriate and disgust, thanks to Lindemann’s sardonic lyrics on songs like “Ladyboy,” “Praise ...

Mutoid Man

by David King July 9, 2015


  The brainchild of Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky, Mutoid Man could be described as the concentrated tantrum of a man torn in multiple directions by the influences he wears proudly on his sleeve. Formed in ...

Marc-André Hamelin, the Takács Quartet

by B.A. Nilsson June 25, 2015


  Classical music loves specialists, or, to put it a better way, is most comfortable with performers who are easy to pigeonhole. Pianist Marc-André Hamelin has made a career of resisting such definition, and underscores this ...

Charlie Hunter Trio

by Jeff Nania June 25, 2015


  Let the Bells Ring On is the latest in guitarist Charlie Hunter’s practical oeuvre of work. He is joined by drummer Bobby Previte and trombonist Curtis Fowlkes for a unique trio sound that conjures a ...


by David King June 11, 2015


  Just about everything Danish indie prog rockers Mew write is catchy. If they had the mind to strip their songs down, stop style hopping and embrace their poppier instincts, they'd have a much easier go ...

Ran Blake

by David Greenberger June 11, 2015


  At 80 years old, Ran Blake and his musical character continue to deepen in gentle abstractions. This album’s title is apt, as Blake has always sought the elusive nature of fading notes, letting harmonics decay ...

Andrew Russo, James Ehnes and the Albany Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Alan Miller

by B.A. Nilsson June 6, 2015


  The music of Aaron Jay Kernis doesn’t immediately suggest his influences, which only supports the charming, puzzling problem of his uniqueness. You can hear some Arvo Pärt in the second of his “Three Flavors,” a ...

Bell Witch

by David King June 6, 2015


  Bell Witch undoubtedly would land a premier spot on Head and Bangers’ Top 10 Economical Bands List. The Seattle duo do more with a bass and drum kit on Four Phantoms than most metal bands ...


by David King June 6, 2015


  It makes a lot of sense that Toronto’s Metz are signed to Sub Pop: Frontman Alex Edkins insists they are punk in the same way that Kurt Cobain maintained the same despite his pop leanings ...


by David King May 21, 2015


  On April 17, 2010, Blur released a track called “Fool's Day,” a fuzzy reintroduction to the band who hadn't released a song since 2002. It felt like the band had recently been awakened for school ...

Spuyten Duyvil

by B.A. Nilsson May 21, 2015


  Spuyten Duyvil know the Great American Songbook. Not that Great American Songbook, but the earlier one that was given to us by Harry Smith in his Anthology of American Folk Music, giving us a glimpse ...

Local H

by David King May 21, 2015


  “Your white-boy blues is a joke," sings Scott Lucas on "The Last Picture Show in Zion," a sludgy stomp that kicks off the band's crowd-funded new disc--their eighth studio album. Its a marvel, if not ...

On The Town

by B.A. Nilsson May 7, 2015


  When Hollywood came calling to put On the Town on film, it gave the show a wonderful cast, headlined by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, and included terrific location work, rare for a movie in ...

Nelson Esposito Quintana

by Mike Hotter May 7, 2015


  Closing in on five years after the release of Here, longtime area guitar ace Todd Nelson’s debut as a solo artist, the one-time member of semi-legendary Albany new wave outfits the Units and Fear of ...

Stone Jack Jones

by David Greenberger February 26, 2015


  Raised in West Virginia and now living in Nashville, Stone Jack Jones has brought forth his second album, close on the heels of last year’s Ancestor. The 10 songs on Love & Torture are again ...

The Mavericks

by Tim Mack February 26, 2015


  They shouldn’t be this happy. This should be their joyless, introspective “dark” album full of loss and regret. Instead, it’s the best dance album you’ve heard this year, and better yet, it sounds like a band ...

Various Artists

by B.A. Nilsson February 26, 2015


  Seeking the living heritage of American song, John Lomax visited a number of Southern prisons in 1933 with recording gear in tow. Not the most dignified of scholars—Lomax had a racist streak that supported his ...