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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone October 29, 2015


  BIG MOVIE DEALS I told part of this story online, so bear with me if you’ve already read it. I was out in the suburbs on Saturday, at the exotic and clean Slingerlands Price Chopper, ...

Spectrum 8 Theatres

Signifying Nothing

by Shawn Stone October 29, 2015


  Aspiring writer Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) has a spirit problem. She’s haunted by the childhood memory of her mother’s ghost, who appeared to her and warned her away from a place called “Crimson Peak.” She’s ...

Love and Loss

by Shawn Stone October 22, 2015


  There is tragedy in longing for someone to return when they never will. Coming Home is the tragedy of longing for someone to return when they already have. Based on a novel by Geling Yan, who ...


The Spy Who Liked Me

by Ann Morrow October 22, 2015


  There is very little spycraft in Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg’s latest war drama, and since the setting is the Cold War, there is more bluffing and feinting than battling—though its few action sequences are ...

Crossing Frontiers

by James Yeara October 15, 2015


  “It’s the era of the shrinking man.” --Capt. Robert Smith When Grinder’s Stand, the latest production in an excellent year at Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, finally gets to Grinder’s Stand on the Natchez Trace in Tennessee, ...

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Stark Emotions

by Jeff Nania October 15, 2015


  British artist Mark Fell presented his most recent interdisciplinary project in EMPAC’s theater this past Thursday night (Oct. 8). Working in tandem with choreographer-dancer Brittany Bailey, this piece was able to transform a nearly silent, ...

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Burden of Dreams

by Shawn Stone October 15, 2015

  The most popular movies today use all the technical wizardry available to create worlds that exist only in the imagination. In The Walk, Robert Zemeckis uses Hollywood’s CGI paintbrush to re-create the twin towers of ...


The Hucksters

by Shawn Stone October 8, 2015


  There’s a moment in Electric Boogaloo, the riotous documentary about Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, legendary schlockmeisters of Cannon Films, when filmmaker Mark Hartley zooms in on a copy of a 1980s Variety film preview. ...


Cartoon Cartel

by Shawn Stone October 8, 2015


The promos for this film looked pretty good, promising a gritty look at the drug-fueled carnage on both sides of the Mexican border. Sicario is indeed gritty, violent and bloody, but it’s not exactly insightful ...


Family Business

by James Yeara October 8, 2015


  The Lion in Winter is James Goldman’s 1966 play on the unseemly machinations and mayhem of a thoroughly modern Henry II (the first of the Plantagenet rulers, father of Richard the Lion-Hearted, and all-around champion ...

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Murder Most Wonderful

by B.A. Nilsson October 1, 2015


  As a dizzying set of intrigues continues to build through act two, we’re taken to the apartment of Monty Navarro (Kevin Massey), who’s been briskly murdering his way to a dukedom. He is amorously closeted ...

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Neighborhood Evil

by Shawn Stone September 24, 2015

  Thanks to the gruesome skill of convicted gang boss James “Whitey” Bulger, Boston is the new “it” location in gangster films. First there was The Departed, a remake of a Hong Kong crime drama that ...


Almost Feminist

by Shawn Stone September 24, 2015


  There’s hardly a greater contrast in one Hollywood studio’s house style than Warner Bros. before and after 1935. In the first part of the decade, the films are largely sharp and fast, rarely clocking in ...


The Jerk in the Mirror

by Shawn Stone September 10, 2015


  Steve Jobs was almost universally beloved. He was also, in many ways, a horrible person. When he died, there was an outpouring of grief from all over the world as people stood and wept outside ...


See Hear

by Jeff Nania September 10, 2015


  Sept. 2nd was the launch of EMPAC’s new On Screen/Sound series, which explores pioneering uses of images and soundtracks on film. The evening began with a series of four short films: Mosaic, Synchromy, Video Tape ...

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Sweet Liberty

by James Yeara September 10, 2015


  Two sheets of deep green satin fabric drape from floor to ceiling upstage center and up left. The stage floor is black, the three circular wood oval stands are black, and the one wood cube ...

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It Had To Be You

by Shawn Stone September 3, 2015


  Loosely based on a 1950s French crime novel, Christian Petzold’s Phoenix uses postwar Berlin as the setting for a story of—note the title—self-discovery and regeneration. What makes this avoid the “risen from the ashes” cliché ...


The Stars Aligned

by James Yeara August 28, 2015


  Summertime is a season of rare celestial occurrences: conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, Perseid meteor shower, blue moons, super moons. But few things are as rare, and never to be repeated, as what is happening ...

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Framed in Truth

by James Yeara August 28, 2015

  The moment American interloper Ira Aldridge (the deservedly much-lauded John Douglas Thompson) first meets the much-lauded Victorian actress Ellen Tree (Kelley Curran, star of Shakespeare & Company’s The Comedy of Errors here showing a range ...

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A Supposedly Fun Tour

by John Rodat August 27, 2015


  I loved David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and consumed it in a near-nonstop multi-day bout. When the novel was released in 1996, I was 28 years old and, more or less, still in college. I ...


American Story

by Shawn Stone August 20, 2015


  When N.W.A.’s album Straight Outta Compton was selling millions of copies in the late 1980s as a genuine critical and pop-culture phenomenon, one of the least likely long-term prospects would have been the group becoming ...


Poor Relations

by Shawn Stone August 20, 2015


  Superheroes are the dominant movie form, and there is one aspect of this genre that has proven particularly irksome: the origin story. Sony swaps out the actor playing Spider-man and what happens? They go back ...


Friendly Maneuvers

by Ralph Hammann August 20, 2015


  At the season’s end, the WTF is certainly pulling out the heavy artillery and scoring direct hits. The titular intervention is intriguingly complex in this American premiere, which boasts dialogue that is refreshingly literate and naturalistic. ...

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The One-Act Life

by James Yeara August 20, 2015

  Kaliyuga Arts presents theater that you won’t see on any other stage in the region. A worthy inheritor of StageWorks/Hudson’s mantle of ballsiest theater in the region, the latest production on the Bridge Street Theatre’s ...

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How I Botched That Story

by Ralph Hammann August 20, 2015


  In program notes for the London premiere of His Girl Friday, John Guare correctly called The Front Page, his source material, “the secret great American play.” As a tribute to its greatness, he has written ...

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