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Eat, Drink, and Support Your Neighbor

by The Staff on December 29, 2011

Photo by William Wright

Ted Dobson of Equinox Farm in Sheffield, Mass., is one of many growers who, along with local chefs and markets, have benefited from the closely knit food community in Berkshire County.

Photo by Martin Benjamin

Produce from Denison Farm has been a regular staple of the Saratoga Farmers Market, more than 30 years old and going strong.

Photo by Kathryn Geurin

Sarah Gordon founded FarmieMarket, an online farmers market designed to promote a sustainable local food economy by allowing farmers to sell directly to customers with minimal time commitment.

Photo by Amy Halloran

Mack Brook Farms’ Karen Christensen was one of the farmers and educators who took part in Albany High School’s first Local Agriculture Career Day.

Photo by B.A. Nilsson

Linda Smith of Divinitea opened a Schenectady storefront for her hand-blended tea business.

Photo by B.A. Nilsson

BFS Restaurant owner Shaw Rabadi extolled the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet in his new book Savor the Spices of Life.

Photo by Kate Payne

Area farmers rallied to support each other after tropical storms Irene and Lee waterlogged crops and destroyed infrastructure.

Photo by Heather Croton

Hubbard Hall’s communal bread oven celebrates Quebecois tradition one loaf at a time.