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Conehead Buddha

by Josh Potter December 20, 2012


Earlier this spring, local concert promoter Greg Bell celebrated his 20th year in the business of booking live music. Headlining the night was a band whose history goes back nearly as far, who rose to ...

Rodeo Barons

by Josh Potter December 20, 2012

thumb_rodeo barons

A couple years ago, Chris Carey released his solo debut Sunset Moon. The ’70s-vintage folk-rock and alt-country felt a bit like the antidote to his primary gig as drummer for Railbird—or at least the fulfiment ...

Break Science

by The Staff December 14, 2012


Headlining electronic musicians finally seem to be getting their artistic due, but something ought to be said for the art of the opening DJ. With main attractions like Break Science making audiences wait until the ...


Carrie Underwood

by Shawn Stone December 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood TIMES UNION CENTER, DEC. 4 Carrie Underwood’s production at the Times Union Center last week is what a “really big show” is supposed to be. Underwood may have gotten her start by winning American ...

The Major Lift

by David King December 13, 2012


Why are Muse still a band? They seem bored, copping the same Radiohead poses that have gotten them through what seems like a dozen or so releases. But it’s not the band’s laziness and boredom ...

Gift Guide: Pop, etc.

by Josh Potter December 6, 2012

thumb_Father John Misty - Fear Fun

So, here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to rattle off a bunch of good records that came out this year under vague genre headings. Pop music has become so Balkanized and personal ...


Gift Guide: CDs Off the Beaten Path

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

While there’s access to more music than ever, the reality is that most new music has little chance of being heard outside of the following that already exists for it. With that in mind, here ...

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Gift Guide: Jazz

by Josh Potter December 6, 2012

Let’s face it: As practical as it can be to buy a gift certificate or download card for a music junkie, unwrapping one is kind of an anticlimax. If you’re going to gift music, get ...

Gift Guide: Classical

by B.A. Nilsson December 6, 2012


Show your friends how much you love them by giving them relief from Christmas music. Start with Jeanne D’Arc: Batailles & Prisons (Alia Vox), a recently released two-disc set assembled by Jordi Savall and his ...

Gift Guide: Folk, Blues, Bluegrass and Celtic

by Glenn Weiser December 6, 2012


Given that vintage guitars, mandolins, and banjos are pretty pricey as Christmas gifts, the next best thing you can give a roots music fan are CDs of people playing them well as they sing blues, ...

Gift Guide: Christmas Music

by Shawn Stone December 6, 2012

The coolest Christmas album of 2012 arrives courtesy of Cee Lo Green. Cee Lo’s Magic Moment (Elektra) is a savvy collection of well-loved tunes that, musically, are all over the map. Cee Lo never gets ...

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Gift Guide: Music Books

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

There are musical biographies and memoirs aplenty this year. Top among them are two books that follow the artistic search and ascendancy of a pair of New Jersey-based acts: Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo. ...

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De La Soul

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

“You all like anything that's out now?” Trugoy asked the crowd. “I'm trying to figure if there's anything out I should listen to.” The crowd shouted back a few names, and he agreed to a ...

Marco Benevento

by Josh Potter December 6, 2012

He was probably just a little drunk and clowning, but when Marco Benevento put on a pair of oversized sunglasses partway through his set, it was impossible not to think he was somehow channeling Elton ...

Railbird EP Release

by Jeff Nania December 6, 2012

Railbird's homecoming Friday night at Valentine's saw them perform all three songs from their newly released EP, Lucky, as well as new interpretations of some of their most popular tunes from their album No One. Local ...

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Paul Geremia

by B.A. Nilsson December 6, 2012

If I was inclined to doubt the veracity of Paul Geremia’s tale of a private lesson from Howlin’ Wolf—a lesson that took place in Geremia’s condemned Brookline flat, in which the only furniture was a ...

Prince Rama

by Josh Potter November 29, 2012


In an interview with Bullett earlier this week, Taraka Larson, mastermind and vocalist for the sister duo Prince Rama, explained the band’s new record thusly: “I think in a way we are asking the world ...

Captain Murphy

by Josh Potter November 29, 2012


As of press time, the identity of mystery rapper Captain Murphy was still unknown. But, man, the Internet can speculate. All year, tracks have been cropping up now and again with a deep-voiced rapper spouting ...

Killer Mike

by Taylor Morris November 21, 2012

One standard of measurement for live rap music is how well an artist can entertain fans in the strangest or least-ideal of situations. Put another way: How comfortable they seem with their artistic merit to ...

Pedrito Martinez Quartet

by Jeff Nania November 21, 2012

Pedrito Martinez is no stranger to the Capital Region. He brought his group with pianist Ariacne Trujillo, Percussionist Jhair Sala, and bassist Alvaro Benevides to Mountain Jam,  SPAC Jazz Fest, and Albany Riverfront Jazz Fest ...

The David Bromberg Big Band, Mike + Ruthy

by B.A. Nilsson November 21, 2012

As David Bromberg and his band erupted into his signature original “Sharon” for the umpteenth time, as I felt the joy of seeing and hearing this live, for my own somethingth time, I realized that ...


by Josh Potter November 15, 2012


Yeasayer’s set Saturday night was a bit like an alien abduction (at least, the bits I recall of the latter). Ominous green lights bathed the stage as a robotic female voice said “good evening Clifton ...

Dillon Francis

by Josh Potter November 15, 2012

It’s a fairly ridiculous proposition to try and review a dance party. This may be one valid argument for the camp that aims to label shows like Dillon Francis’ Wet and Wreckless Tour a “nightclub” ...

Between the Buried and Me

by David King November 15, 2012


Between the Buried and Me are a metal band who speak a musical language all their own, but it’s one they have cobbled together with bits and pieces of the great work of others. With ...

London Symphony Orchestra

by B.A. Nilsson November 15, 2012


Conductor Valery Gergiev is not a bar-shaper who smooths each moment of music that emerges from under his baton. In the context of so many who pursue an interpretive identity through fussiness, Gergiev’s performances can ...