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Bill Cosby

by The Staff on November 8, 2012


There’s a great scene in the documentary about Jerry Seinfeld’s post-sitcom life, Comedian, which shows the comic in a daze while driving back from a visit with Bill Cosby. Caught in his own mid-career crisis, Seinfeld is flummoxed by Cosby’s Zen-like mastery of life and career. While Seinfeld is struggling with audiences, Cosby is killing with all-new material.
That was 10 years ago, and Cosby is still killing with new material. The comic legend is coming to the Palace this weekend to make you laugh with his witty and wise ruminations on life and family. And if you grew up with The Cosby Show but never experienced Cosby’s stand-up act, you’ve missed something essential—and hilarious—in American entertainment.
Bill Cosby will perform at the Palace Theatre (19 Clinton Ave., Albany) at 8 PM on Saturday (Nov. 10). Tickets are $48-$78. For more info, call 465-3334.