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Reinventing Radio: An Evening With Ira Glass

by The Staff on November 29, 2012


He may have been dabbling in motion pictures of late—with Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me—but Ira Glass is a radio man through and through. His show This American Life has achieved almost Prairie Home Companion-level status in the public radio firmament, tackling everything from the lighthearted (monologues by the likes of David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell) to the bizarre (an investigation of the early cryogenics movement) to the newsworthy (a breakdown of the mortgage crisis more informative than anything NPR’s various news divisions presented) to the horrific. Glass’ style and tone are key to the program’s ability to explore this wide range of subjects, and his curiosity is engaging.

Glass has taken his shtick on the road with Reinventing Radio, which comes to the Troy Music Hall on Saturday. He’ll explain how This American Life is put together, explain what makes a good story, play excerpts from the program, and show how he and his colleagues try to “push broadcast journalism to do things it doesn’t usually do.”

Reinventing Radio: An Evening With Ira Glass will be presented Saturday (Dec. 1) at 8 PM at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall (2nd and State streets, Troy). Tickets are $25-$52. For info and reservations, call the box office at 273-0038.