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End of the World Dance Party

by Metroland Staff on December 20, 2012


It was largely on account of the post-apocalyptic hedonists and Jedi light workers of the greater Burning Man culture that new-age renditions of the 2012 apocalypse got so widely disseminated through pop culture. So, it’s only proper that you celebrate the paradigm shift on the dancefloor. Three stages will host 17 DJs, including DJ Sliink, from 9 PM until 4 AM—but after midnight we will have reached the singularity, so time will cease to have much meaning. Just be sure to wear plenty of day-glo so our extraterrestrial liberators won’t pass you by. (Dec. 21, 9 PM, $7, 69 N. Pearl St., Albany, 269-3369)