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Dan Deacon

by The Staff on April 18, 2013


Like his music, Dan Deacon refuses to slow down. Troubadour of the DIY underground, Deacon has been democratizing the dancefloor for the past decade, throwing wild, crowd-participatory concert/happenings from art insitutions to the streets of Occupy Wall Street, always insisting that inhibitions be abolished and wallflowers be circulated into the mass hysteria.

His latest venture is a free iPhone/Android app that synchs your screen with the tempo of the music he’s performing, transforming everyone’s device into a piece of the light show. After holing up for the past couple years to score a Francis Ford Coppola film and craft his latest record, America, it’s clear that Deacon is glad to be back to his extroverted, hard-touring self.

Dan Deacon will play MASS MoCA (87 Marshall St., North Adams, Mass.) on Saturday (April 20) at 8 PM. Tickets are $16. Call 413-662-2111 for more info.