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Penn and Teller

by The Staff on May 15, 2013


Everybody loves Penn and Teller, don’t they? This duo have been charming and amazing audiences for three decades. Penn talks; Teller doesn’t.  And they pull off the greatest trick of all: Their act demystifies magic’s trickery while at the same time instilling a sense of wonder at the art.

A Texas-based reviewer described an April performance by the duo in glowing terms: “Daring feats of illusion were executed with rapid grace and elegant dexterity, all while Penn elucidated with sardonic humor and Teller remained silent. They specialize in the illusionary pas de deux, a dance between death and laughter.”

That last line refers to a bit they do with a nail gun.

Penn and Teller will perform tomorrow (Friday, May 17) at 8 PM on the Mainstage at Proctors (432 State St., Schenectady). Tickets are $20 to $70. For more info, call the box office at 346-6204.