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Lorraine Klaasen

by The Staff on July 10, 2013


Soweto-born singer Lorraine Klaasen recently recorded an album dedicated to fellow South African vocalist Miriam Makeba. “I used to call her Auntie Miriam because she and my mother were such close friends and she knew me since I was a little girl,” Klaasen has said. “I just wish I could have done this while she was still alive.”

Makeba was a giant in South Africa, particularly in township music, a rebellious type of African roots music that became popular during the apartheid era. Klaasen, who now lives in Toronto, follows in her “auntie’s” footsteps. Her 2012 album, A Tribute to Miriam Makeba, won a Juno Award (the Canadian Grammy) in the world music category.

Lorraine Klaasen performs as part of the Music Haven Concert Series (Agnes MacDonald Music Haven, Central Park, Schenectady) on Sunday (July 14) at 7 PM. The concert is free. For more info, go to musichavenstage.org.