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Odd Future

by Metroland Staff on July 18, 2013



Odd Future have been a case study in how the music industry works this decade. The SoCal rap collective exploded onto the Internet in 2011 with the kind of transgressive mystique Alice Cooper would be proud of: middle-finger salutes, upside-down crosses, postured misogyny and homophobia, not to mention some of the most creative group-rap mic passing since the ’90s. Since then, member Frank Ocean won two Grammys, Earl Sweatshirt became rap’s prodigal son, and Tyler, the Creator pissed off as many people as he thrilled. Expect the full-spectrum Odd Future experience when Tyler, Hodgy, Domo Genesis, Left Brain, Mike G, Jasper and Taco hit Upstate Concert Hall with their swag. (July 18, 8 PM, $27, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)