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Dressed to Kill

by Ann Morrow on August 22, 2013


photo by Ann Morrow

At the History of Fashion Show, characters and archetypes from 400 years of society promenaded in front of the audience to era-specific music in narrated time travel. The benefit event was held Saturday (Aug. 17) in the Palace Theater lobby, where financier Russell Sage strolled in Gilded Age finery with his wife, Olivia Slocum; 1920s musical star Helen Ford sashayed in a sequined gown; and Legs Diamond and his flapper moll strutted with gangster bravado. Yet one infamous local was not identified: at the show, as in life, the Troy poisoner known as the Veiled Murderess (pictured) kept her identity a secret. The glamorous fatale’s black lace veil–which she wore all through her sensational 1854 trial—was custom-made by one of the many volunteers who sewed items, loaned authentic garb, and donated vintage clothing for the show, which was part of the Inspiration Week arts festival.