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Mister F

by The Staff on August 23, 2013

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, Saturday


Who exactly is this Mister F? Is he a CIA spy, planted in the Bluth family to uncover fugitive George Sr.’s whereabouts? Is he Tobias’ new workout partner, Frank? Is he the mysterious British uncle of Michael’s girlfriend Rita, for whom she wears the bracelet engraved “MR F”? In this case, Mister F is a local livetronic supergroup featuring members of Timbre Coup and Capital Zen, not a “mentally retarded female”—as Michael eventually deciphers. And, man, can they ever shred a Vocoder. Don’t let your dancing development get arrested; check these guys out at the Hollow Bar on Saturday. (Aug. 24, 8 PM, $10, 79 North Pearl St., Albany, 426-8550)