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Does It Taste Better When You Tug It?

by The Staff on August 29, 2013


Courtesy of Duncan Crary Communications.

This Friday (Aug. 30) you’ll find lots of fun things to do in downtown Troy at Troy Night Out. Hit all the galleries, shops, and special events to be sure, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t stop by the Lucas Confectionery (12 2nd St.). 

Get your cheese here.


The wine bar will be serving cheddar cheese from Wisconsin, not supplied from a local grocer, but via that great beast of a waterway that we call the Hudson River (with some help from the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes).

A Troy tugboat named “Margot,” part of a fleet of boats owned by New York State Marine Highway Transportation Co., a commercial shipping outfit based in Troy, recently made a 2,200-mile trip voyage to Wisconsin and back on a standard shipping run. The crew picked up a 10 pound hunk of the good stuff as a fun favor for some local friends and businesses. 

At the Lucas Confectionery, this whole week has been dedicated to cheeses made in the United States. Get it while the getting’s good.