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On the Street

Metroland caught up with Siobhan Byron, a visual merchandiser for the retailer Forever 21 and a jewelry designer, outside of her family’s Albany restaurant, the Ginger Man, to talk style.

by The Staff on September 25, 2013 · 3 comments


Photo by Erin Pihlaja.

Metroland: So what are you wearing today?

Siobhan Byron: I’m wearing Zara pants, my sweater is by Vince, my shirt and jacket are from Forever 21. My heels are Guess. I would say that they are probably my most favorite shoes ever. I designed my earrings, bracelet, and necklace.

Tell us about your jewelry line.

SB: It’s called Nahbois. It’s sold at Circles [Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany], Evoke Style in Rhinebeck, and at the Patty Tobin flagship store on West 17th Street in New York. My background is with large-scale welded sculpture, and people have called my jewelry sculptural. It’s fluid and it moves. These are jewelry signature pieces that you whip out for that special outfit; pieces you may collect.

What inspires you fashion-wise?

SB: Menswear. I love Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford. I also love Yasmin Sewell, she’s a fashion forecaster. She’s probably launched half of contemporary fashion.

What do you see for fall fashion this year?

SB: I love layers, jewel-tone colors, chunky oversize knits, and leather leggings. Simpler high heels—not too strappy, simple pumps.

Do you have an overall fashion philosophy?

SB: I’m a big believer in the high-low theory. Just because it’s expensive and expensive doesn’t mean it goes together. You can get you basics inexpensively and invest in staple items, longevity items. Last season I bought an expensive Lafayette luggage-brown leather jacket. I wore it all season. I love the look of Prada and Balenciaga, but it’s not always real. I love real fashion: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap.

So what forms your decisions when you’re getting dressed every day?

SB: I dress as I’m feeling on that day. One day I’ll be super preppy, and the next day I’ll wear a leopard-print metallic jacket and leather leggings. It’s about searching for a personal aesthetic and a well-rounded wardrobe.

Where you like to shop locally?

SB: I get really good statement pieces from Sharon at Circles and Sandra from Evoke Style.