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Yip Deceiver

by The Staff on October 10, 2013

Valentine's, Friday


The former Of Montreal band members Davey Pierce and Nicolas “Dobby” Dobbratz have a proclamation: “Two dudes, two mics. Anything can happen.” The duo call themselves Yip Deceiver. Together they create energetic synthpop that’s intended to get the audience off their feet and dancing. While their debut album Medallius has been classified by some as electro-funk, the guys haven’t been able to agree on what to call it. Dobbratz identifies it as “smooth punk,” while Pierce calls the music “indie R & B.” Regardless of what genre you place them under, Yip Deceiver should get you moving on Friday night. Opening for them will be Schenectady duo Mike & Amy Shift the Paradigm. (Oct. 11, 8 PM, $7, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)