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Best Concerts 2013: David Greenberger

by David Greenberger on December 24, 2013


1. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby

Catskill, Feb. 16

Billed as the Homemade Aeroplane Concert, this was a house concert in their own house, the deep, narrow room reimagined as an airline, an apt metaphor for the journey that took place over the course of two sets.


The Ale House, April 18

With the packed room practically spilling out the doors, the quartet, bolstered with horns, lifted the Ale House right off the ground.

3. David Lindley

The Van Dyke, May 1

Wooden instruments, metal strings, and everything else in the world disappeared behind those transformative sonics.

4. Ian McLagan

Bearsville Theater, June 21

Joined for half the set by his bass player, “Mac” played to the small audience with the verve he’s brought forth on stages aorund the world in famous bands as either a member or sideman.

5. Session Americana

Caffe Lena, June 22

They gathered ‘round once again, making it look like it’s as easy as making toast (but it’s not).

6. Al Bruno

Seven Horse Pub, Aug. 15

Singing with recorded backing tracks, Bruno is so full of commitment and idiosyncratic style that you can’t help but feel uplitfted as he throws himself fully into a range of popular songs from the past half century, coming into robust full bloom with his favorite, Neil Diamond, all the while doing dance moves that exist nowhere else on Earth. (And if that last name is familiar, he’s the brother of the fallen state senator.)

7. Peter Wolf & The Midnight Travelers

The Egg, Oct. 19

Aging gracefully in large part because he remains an artist, always moving forward.

8. Elvis Costello

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Nov. 6

With a back catalog large enough for a half dozen singers, Costello commanded the stage alone, favoring many forgotten numbers, but also keeping audience expecations in check with an occasional hit.

9. Los Lobos

The Egg, Dec. 3

Their 40th anniversary!

10. The Chandler Travis Three-O, Steve Shook

Caffe Lena, Dec. 6

The usual delights with the added bonus of Chandler’s musical partner from the ’70s duo of Travis Shook and the Club Wow, Mr. Steve Shook.