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Aszure Barton & Artists

by The Staff on February 20, 2014


Choreographer-dancer Aszure Barton and her company, Aszure Barton & Artists, are coming to the Egg this Saturday night, and will likely generate enough heat to melt even this frozen hell.

Barton’s work has been described by the Toronto Globe and Mail as “sexy, cheeky and profound, all at the same time,” and “delicious” by the Village Voice. The company will be performing AWÁA, an evening-length work that “delves into the underbelly of human consciousness and explores some of the most primal aspects of being human.”

If you want more detailed notes about the show, forget it. As Barton told an interviewer in 2012, “I don’t want to tell people what it ‘should’ be about. I want the audience to decide for themselves what they see in it; it’s about whatever they get from it.”

Aszure Barton & Artists will perform AWÁA on Saturday (Feb. 22) at 8 PM at the Egg (Empire State Plaza, Albany) as part of the Dance New York series. Tickets are $28. For more info, call the box office at 473-1845.