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Pat Metheny Unity Group

by The Staff on March 20, 2014



Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny’s Unity Group is something like his personal all-star band. He says, “With this project, I want to form a platform that encompasses the entire range of things I have done over the years. . . .”

That’s a tall order. The virtuoso has been churning out boundary-pushing music since his debut with bassist Jaco Pastorious in 1974. Since then, he’s asserted himself as perhaps the definitive fusion guitarist, exploring the palette of the synthesizer guitar, all kinds of orchestral configurations and compositional frameworks. The Unity Group brings together prodigal collaborators like Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez, Ben Williams and Giulio Carmassi. Metheny calls the band’s new album Kin, “more like the Technicolor, IMAX version of what a band like this could be.” No 3D glasses required.

Pat Metheny Unity Group will play Proctors (432 State St., Schenectady) on Thursday (March 20) at 8 PM. Tickets are $20-$70. Call 346-6204 for more info.