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Albert Maysles

by The Staff on March 27, 2014


Albert Maysles is one of the towering figures of documentary cinema—hell, of just plain cinema—and he’ll be at the Sanctuary for Independent Media on Saturday night to show clips from the many films he’s made in collaboration with his brother David (and others), and discuss his philosophy of “direct cinema.”

If you haven’t seen his films, we bet that you’ve at least heard of them: Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter, Salesman, Ozawa and Christo in Paris are just a few.

What is Maysles’ conception of documentary cinema? “As a documentarian,” he wrote, “I happily place my fate and faith in reality. It is my caretaker, the provider of subjects, themes, experiences—all endowed with the power of truth and the romance of discovery. And the closer I adhere to reality, the more honest and authentic my tales.”

Albert Maysles will appear Saturday (March 29) at 7 PM at the Sanctuary for Independent Media (3361 6th Ave., Troy). Admission is a suggested donation of $10. For more info, call 272-2390.