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Letters to the Editor

by The Staff on April 17, 2014


Strangelove Science

To the Editor:

Thank you for your “drone” article [“Look Up in the Sky!,” Jan. 23]! While Metroland is exhorting readers to “Look Up in the Sky,” maybe it’s time to give us an article on geoengineering techniques we witness everyday: Solar Radiation Management being one of our “favorites.” There is ample documentation to supprt such an article without falling vitim to so-called conspiracy theories.

Bonnie Hoag


The Gay Weed Agenda

To the editor:

Your October article on Project Censored [“STORY HEADLINE,” Oct. 3, 2013] had many good, informative and perceptive points. However, on the one hand, you state dismay at the mainstream media’s “kowtowing to advertisers,” “false objectivity,” sticking its reports on debates to the range “people in power . . . set as . . . legitimate,” and underreporting issues by ignoring some of their facets. On the other hand, you complain about media being too neutral.

But recently, in some cases the mainstream media has been very committed to advancing certain agendas—such as same-sex marriage and marijuana. And they do it by blacking out opposition voices during critical time periods, leaving the false impression that no normal person is in the opposition, and underreporting reasons to object. Does anyone hear attention to whether people will be allowed to avoid second-hand marijuana smoke or how many acres of organic produce will be lost to cannibis [sic] growing? Whenever you feel the urge to join the same crusades as the mainstream media, remember your calls against limiting the range of debate against false objectivity, against underreporting. And objectivity does not mean limiting coverage of the opposition to a stereotypical entertaining boo-hoo the day after it loses for good; it means acknowledging even intelligent, even non-caricature reasons for the opposition while the issue is going on. It’s possible to state all sides and angles of an issue and then give your own opinion—thus trying to avoid both underreporting and the “neutrality” you don’t like.

It’s good that Obama’s dutiful cultural liberalism doesn’t let him off the hook for invoking the Espionage Act, targeted killings and renditions.

Jeanette Wolfberg