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by The Staff on July 17, 2014


Can it really be 33 years since Moses Pendleton founded MOMIX, the shape-shifting troupe of “dancer-illusionists?”

Yes, it can, and over the course of three decades MOMIX has built up a formidable repertoire of choreography. When they take the stage at SPAC Tuesday night, they’ll be presenting an array of works from their considerable past in the program ReMIX.

With MOMIX, the human body is at the center of the action, even if the action is so dazzlingly complex that what’s on stage seems to be something from another world. As the critic for the Newark Star-Ledger wrote in 2013, “An audience of MOMIX fans surrenders gladly . . . into realms of fantasy. . . . It’s all zany, liberating fun.”

MOMIX will perform ReMIX at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs) at 8 PM Tuesday (July 22). Tickets are $30, $25. 587-3330.