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The Staff

The Staff

Mount Ida Psychic Fair

by The Staff October 30, 2015


  The celebration of Halloween comes from the ancient festival of Samhain, when it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. For those of you interested in this ...

Mount Ida Preservation Hall

Grace Potter

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  Grace Potter, the Vermont soul-rock chanteuse, came up through the jam-band scene (with her ex-backing band, the Nocturnals) by way of constant, grass-roots touring, with Potter’s bluesy voice (sometimes compared to Melissa Etheredge’s) and earthy ...

Palace Theatre


by The Staff October 29, 2015


  Just in time for Troy Night Out, the Arts Center of the Capital Region is opening Traces, an exhibit of works by Mary Pat Wager and Rachel Baxter, a collaborative exhibit in which the artists ...

Arts Center of the Capital Region

Mt. Rush

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  It was bad enough when the insanity of American political advertising just owned the airwaves. The advent of e-mail—and the constant selling and reselling of your e-mail address, thanks to those harmless little service agreements ...


Spuyten Duyvil

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  Let’s get the name out of the way: It’s Dutch for “in spite of the Devil” and the name of a creek (and town) in the Bronx. It’s also the name of a Hudson Valley-based ...

Caffe Lena

The Screwtape Letters

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  The acclaimed New York City-based Fellowship for the Performing Arts production of Catholic wit C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters comes to Proctors tonight for one show only. Max McLean is His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape, aka’s Satan’s ...


She Keeps Bees

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  The Guardian has said that they’re “like the White Stripes in reverse,” and The New York Times compared lead singer Jessica Larrabee to a “loose, vehement and unchoreographed” PJ Harvey. The rock duo consists solely ...

The Half Moon

Possessed by Paul James

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  Konrad Wert came up with the Possessed by Paul James stage name as a way to channel the spirits of his late father and grandfather. Until recently, he worked as a full-time teacher and performed ...

The Low Beat

No Place to Hide

by The Staff October 29, 2015

  Did you ever have the felling that you’re being watched? Of course you have. And, of course, you know that you’re being captured by someone’s lens whenever you’re out in public. The new exhibit at the ...

Tang Teaching Museum and Gallery

Portland Cello Project

by The Staff October 29, 2015


  Believe it or not, the Portland Cello Project are a group of Portland, Ore.-based cellists who’ve been performing together for nine years. And they have goals. Namely, to “bring the cello to places you wouldn’t ...

Madison Theater

An Eye for Excellence

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  The exhibit opening this weekend at the Clark Art Institute tells the Clark’s own story. The story, that is, of how the museum built a magnificent collection that’s recognized around the world through gifts and ...

Clark Art Institute

Planet of the Apes Marathon

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  Back in 1967, producer Arthur P. Jacobs had two films in production at 20th Century-Fox. One of them was a musical spectacular that he knew would be a smash; the other was a medium-budget sci-fi ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Art Garfunkel

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  One of the great voices of the 1960s and beyond, Art Garfunkel and guitarist Tab Leven will present what they’re calling “Up Close With Art Garfunkel” at the Egg on Saturday. The program will showcase ...

The Egg

Lights Through Airwaves

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  Waka waka means “shine bright” in Swahili, and the WakaWaka Foundation donates solar-charged portable light units from the WakaWaka company to areas in humanitarian crisis. WAMC stands for Northeast Public Radio and the station, as ...

Dave Davies

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  As co-founder of the Kinks and half of one of the most famous brother acts in rock & roll, Dave Davies helped spark the move to heavy metal with his riff for brother Ray’s song ...

The Egg

Pippi Longstocking

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  One of the funniest things about beloved children’s literature heroine Pippi Longstocking is her full name: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmin Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking. (The “Ephraim’s Daughter” part is the dead giveaway to her Scandinavian heritage.) ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Katie Workum and Kimberly Bartosik

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  Two choreographer-dancers will make their MASS MoCA debuts on Saturday night. Katie Workum will perform her own Black Lakes, a work “full of improvisation, risk and humor.” Bessie Award-winner Kimberly Bartosik will perform her Ecsteriority ...

Mass Moca

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  Choreographer Mauro Astolfi will lead Italy’s Spellbound Contemporary Ballet when they take the stage at the Egg on Friday. According to the critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Astofi “has honed a troupe of nine ...

The Egg


by The Staff October 22, 2015

  There may not be a bigger brohole in all of brostep than Borgore, the Israeli dubstep DJ and producer. With his puerile, misogynistic and egomaniacal raps, Borgore is deliberately offensive, so much so that its ...

The Upstate Concert Hall


by The Staff October 22, 2015

  The temps have been dropping, but on Monday at the Hollow expect a warming trend as Iration, a five-piece roots-reggae band from Santa Barbara, bring the sunshine vibe of their new Hotting Up release. Originally ...

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen

Advance Base

by The Staff October 22, 2015

  Owen Ashworth had been writing and recording music under the name Casiotone for the Painfully Alone since the late ’90s, but his melancholic, handmade synthpop remained relatively obscure until the early ’00s. Ashworth brought that ...

0 comments The Low Beat


by The Staff October 16, 2015


  If you didn’t know we were on the cusp of Halloween, the Schenectady Civic Players intend to remind you with their production of Dracula, opening Friday at the Schenectady Civic Playhouse. Steven Dietz’ 1996 adaptation of ...

0 comments Schenectady Civic Playhouse


by The Staff October 16, 2015


  Did you know that there’s an “unofficial capital” of the Oxycodone abuse epidemic? It’s Oceana, W.Va., and this town under siege is the subject of filmmaker Sean Dunne’s award-winning documentary Oxyana, being screened Friday night ...

0 comments University at Albany Page Hall

Manuel Valera and his New Cuban Express

by The Staff October 15, 2015


  Manuel Valera is a composer and pianist from Havana who has won many competitions and awards for young jazz composers, and in 2013, his 10th release was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz ...

0 comments A Place for Jazz

Folk Modern

by The Staff October 15, 2015


  The meeting point between folk art and fine art is the focus of Folk Modern, the new exhibit opening this weekend at the Albany International Airport Gallery. The idea behind the show is simple: “While ...

0 comments Albany International Airport Gallery