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Amy Halloran

Amy Halloran

You Gonna Eat That?

by Amy Halloran April 17, 2014


  The other day, I picked up three cases of green beans from Honest Weight. I brought the beans, which were a little past their prime and unsaleable, to Unity House in Troy and put them ...


Field to Griddle

by Amy Halloran September 25, 2013


  “A workshop on pancakes? Everyone knows how to make pancakes,” a woman said, shaking her head. “What’s there to learn?” I was at the From Scratch Club booth at the Homegrown Skills Tent at Farm Aid ...

Bad Food, Good Food

by Amy Halloran August 7, 2013


  Foods fall in and out of favor, spun on the wheel of nutritional roulette. Name your villain: salt, fat, red meat, and now, thanks to arsenic traces, even rice. Carbs came under fire in the early ...


Blue All Over

by Amy Halloran August 1, 2013


  “Here’s a dragonfly for you, come see,” a grandmother called to her granddaughter in Schuylerville at the Winney Farm. The family was picking blueberries on a bright Wednesday morning. The sun was hot but not ...

More Than a Buzzword

by Amy Halloran June 5, 2013

thumb_healthy living logo

  There’s a commercial that makes a supermarket seem as enticing as a day at the beach. The produce is glamorously lit and the shopper is invited to dream of dinner as if each meal is ...


Voting With Their Stomachs

by Amy Halloran May 30, 2013

  Given the financial might of Monsanto and other companies that genetically engineer seeds, and the fact that the head of the USDA was a strong advocate for the company when he was governor of Iowa, ...

Choice Cuts

by Amy Halloran May 29, 2013


  In the walk-in cooler, eight sides of lamb hang on a sturdy metal cart. The split carcasses almost look like heavy dresses, ready for a seamstress to hem. Or maybe this comparison is just the ...

Hunger Games

by Amy Halloran May 22, 2013

The Farm Bill, also known as the Agricultural Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013, passed in the agriculture committees of both the U.S. Senate and House last week, and moved on to the full ...

Public-Access Gourmet

by Amy Halloran May 2, 2013

  “When you’re tying up the carrot, be careful that the cheese doesn’t slip out,” my son Felix said from his highchair. He was about 4 or 5, and we were just done with a Saturday ...

Troy-Bilt, Troy-Grown

by Amy Halloran April 17, 2013


I don’t get enough chances to sing the song of a certain piece of Troy’s history: Garden Way and the Troy-Bilt Rototiller. I’m not a big gearhead, but this little machine left a legacy on ...

Recipe for Recovery

by Amy Halloran November 1, 2012


It’s a strip of solid buildings carved hollow by industry that blew away: Main Street in Gloversville is gray. It is populated by stores selling things that need new lives, like used clothes and jewelry, ...

On the Threshold

by Amy Halloran October 4, 2012


Back in the late 1990s, Don Lewis went to Lightning Tree Farm to buy organic feed for his chickens, and saw that Alton Earnhart was growing wheat. The farmer offered him a bag of flour, ...

The Original Corner Store

by Amy Halloran September 27, 2012


  Cathe Casey lives around the corner from the Niskayuna Co-op Market, where she is a board member. Twenty years ago when her home burned, before the fire trucks had even left the street, the co-op ...

No Farmer is an Island

by Amy Halloran September 20, 2012

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“I used to be a faceless producer,” David Rowley says, leaning down in a greenhouse to cut a handful of arugula. He shares this food as he shares the story of his life with plants, ...

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Counting Your Cantaloupes

by Amy Halloran August 23, 2012


A bearded man in a straw hat, dark pants and suspenders drives his horses under the roof, but no one looks at him, or the boxes of produce on his wagon, yet. All eyes are ...

From These Tiny Grains

by Amy Halloran August 2, 2012


A copper mushroom cap with a tall smokestack on a flatbed: hobbit home? No, a beautiful wood-fired oven, more than six-feet in diameter. Wood smoke laces the morning Maine air, and I keep looking for a ...

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Pack Your Picnic

by Amy Halloran June 7, 2012

thumb_cole slaw

Summer meals are best taken on the wing, or at least, out of the house. Sure, you can grab Italian mix subs, but Sovrana is only sometimes on the way to your destination. I love ...

Growing Uncertainties

by Amy Halloran May 17, 2012


After a very warm spring, temperatures dove at the end of April and threatened grape buds at Natural Selection Farm Winery in Washington County. Ken Denberg, like other owners of orchards and vineyards, watched the ...

Anti-Frack Attack

by Amy Halloran May 17, 2012

By 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, people filled the million-dollar staircase at the Capitol. They were holding signs and listening to speakers. Mark Ruffalo’s voice moved over the carved stone like the space was a church, ...


by Amy Halloran May 3, 2012


Where can you find a piñata shaped like a piece of toast? At the grand opening of All Good Bakers’ new location. Britin and Nick Foster asked Annine Everson to make the piñata, which echoes Steve ...

Farewell to an Albany Icon

by Amy Halloran February 16, 2012


Last Wednesday morning, the Miss Albany Diner was two days shy of closing—and slammed. People packed in like sardines at the counter, and the wait staff steered plates around winter coats that puffed out from ...

For The Farmers

by Amy Halloran February 1, 2012

  Two upcoming actions at the Capitol highlight the growing concern over farm issues in New York state and in the nation. Wednesday (Feb. 8) will be a statewide day of action organized by Food & Water ...

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Frack No

by Amy Halloran January 26, 2012


  On Monday, more than 600 New Yorkers came to Albany to address their legislators and call for a ban on hydrofracking. More than that number gathered in the Legislative Office Building for a rally before ...

DOA at the DEC

by Amy Halloran January 19, 2012

OccupyAlbany, Capital District Against Fracking, and Water Equality staged a die-in at the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) building last Thursday (Jan. 12). People wore yellow hazardous waste suits, held signs and chanted slogans, pausing ...

Hot, Sweaty and Out of Breath

by Amy Halloran January 19, 2012


For those of us who didn’t fall in love with a sport in school, learning to use our bodies is a lifelong process. I spent my late teens and 20s pursuing physical intensities, but not ...