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Darryl McGrath

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Darryl McGrath

Making the Grade

by Darryl McGrath May 22, 2013


  A year ago, the Albany School Board was on the verge of filling the district's two most high-profile positions: those of superintendent and principal of Albany High School. Even the district's staunchest defenders—and they're out ...

A Path to Peace

by Darryl McGrath May 8, 2013


  Cloth Tibetan prayer flags flutter in bands of sun-faded color from lines strung around the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Buddhist monastery on a mountaintop overlooking Woodstock. The late April warmth and the distinct impression of being ...

Lost: Giant Metal Boot

by Darryl McGrath May 1, 2013

Albany police and parking enforcement agents are searching for a gray pickup truck whose driver apparently figured out how to remove the cast-iron-and-steel wheel-locking device known as a "boot." Boots are used to disable vehicles ...

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Coffee and Art

by Darryl McGrath April 11, 2013

Water Color, Colored Pencil, Ink

  There’s something about a city the size of Albany that works especially well for local artists—it’s small enough to get your name out there, and large enough to have a wide range of places to ...

Changing Spaces

by Darryl McGrath April 10, 2013

Dominick Calsolaro never thought people would be willing to walk a mile to avoid paying for parking, but that is exactly what dozens of out-of-towners do most weekdays when they leave their cars on Morton ...

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Close Call

by Darryl McGrath March 27, 2013

Urban school districts have long used the combination approach to programs that are believed to improve student achievement, and Albany City Schools are no exception. And so when word recently spread that the school system's ...

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Wedding Guide: Marriage, Remembered

by Darryl McGrath January 31, 2013

  My family history is populated by plenty of strong-willed women, but my grandmothers really stand out in this notable array of pioneers, artisans and survivors. My maternal grandmother was a Midwestern Methodist born on a Missouri ...

Rabbits Before Wizards

by Darryl McGrath October 25, 2012


  Once upon a time, a British bureaucrat who had never published anything and who had no aspirations of being a novelist finally ceded to the pleadings of his little girls that he write down the ...

Winds of Change

by Darryl McGrath October 11, 2012


  It may be no accident that during the first debate of the presidential race—the one devoted to domestic policy—neither candidate spent any time on environmental issues. Forget about job growth, tax cuts and the federal deficit—the ...

Representing Contrasts

by Darryl McGrath September 7, 2012

Cohoes Mayor John McDonald suggested the privately owned Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary on Wolf Road for a recent chat about his candidacy for the 108th New York State Assembly District. His opponent in the Democratic ...

A Better Deal for Women

by Darryl McGrath August 9, 2012

For most Americans, the landmark Affordable Care Act is still more a news story and a court case than a reality. But that’s going to start changing for tens of thousands of Capital Region women, ...

Hot Off the Press

by Darryl McGrath August 2, 2012


As recently as a decade ago, an aspiring author with serious literary or journalistic intentions had two choices: find a publisher, or publish your book yourself. For a novice, the first option was about as ...

Principal Commitment

by Darryl McGrath June 27, 2012


Urban school districts have long aimed to grow their own talent, by enticing gifted young teachers who graduated from local schools back home to start their careers and—more importantly—stay for a long-term commitment.ÊAlbany Public Schools ...

Commuter Crunch

by Darryl McGrath June 21, 2012


  Amid the discussions about Albany’s rapidly approaching residential permit parking system, one point keeps getting overlooked: By the time the plan goes into effect on Oct. 1, an additional 2,000 state employees will be working ...

The Secret Lives of Birds

by Darryl McGrath May 24, 2012


  Nature typically grants a species a couple million years on earth, but when you consider all that humans have done to birds in just the last couple of centuries, you wish you could push a ...

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by Darryl McGrath May 16, 2012

  In an era when even affluent school districts in New York no longer consider it a given that their budgets will pass, the Albany School Board had good reason this week to give a heartfelt ...

Run This School System

by Darryl McGrath May 10, 2012

The selection of a superintendent is the most arduous task any school board faces, and so it is with optimism and also some trepidation that the Albany School Board gets ready to meet the candidates. Twenty-six ...

Spaces Available, Soon

by Darryl McGrath April 18, 2012

Although no one would have said it at the time, getting Albany’s residential permit-parking bill through the state Legislature two years ago is looking like the easy part. With unanimous Common Council approval Monday of an ...

Curb Your Enthusiasm

by Darryl McGrath April 11, 2012

  If experience has taught that you can often double-park your car on a downtown Albany street, run a quick errand and get back before you get a ticket, you might want to continue circling the ...

School’s Out . . . Of Money

by Darryl McGrath March 29, 2012

When the Albany School Board members gather for tonight’s meeting (Thursday, March 29), they will face a task that board President Dan Egan calls painful and even sickening: deciding how many people will lose their ...

Pay To Play?

by Darryl McGrath February 23, 2012

For years in Albany, restaurant and tavern owners have known that securing the city's permission to play live music in their establishments was a Byzantine process that resembled the legal code of a medieval Italian ...

Rehabbing the Neighborhood

by Darryl McGrath January 26, 2012


The first thing you notice inside 95 Trinity Place is the light. An abundance of natural light flooding into a late-18th-century factory building is a suprise, considering that the first people who worked here had been ...

Food-Scrap Revolution

by Darryl McGrath November 10, 2011


“I have to warn you, it’s going to be smelly.” Scott Kellogg offers this caveat as he prepares to set out on his weekly pickup of food scraps from a couple dozen homes in downtown Albany, ...

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School’s In

by Darryl McGrath October 27, 2011

Education funding has been shredded in the past two fiscal years, thousands of teachers in New York have lost their jobs in the last 18 months, and school budgets are barely squeezing in under the ...

Planning for a Resurrection

by Darryl McGrath August 4, 2011

  Look around any of downtown Albany’s neighborhoods, and you will find the stories of the city’s immigrants, told by the churches left behind as second and third generations grew up and departed. And so it is ...