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E.S. Cormac

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E.S. Cormac

Look Up in the Sky!

by E.S. Cormac January 23, 2014


    On Dec. 30, six days after the Federal Aviation Administration announced via press release that “Santa Claus, his elfin crew and the Santa One sleigh” were cleared for takeoff for their “annual round-the-world flight,” FAA ...

The New Guard

by E.S. Cormac January 8, 2014


  Hundreds of people packed into Albany’s Kiernan Plaza on Jan. 1 as Judge Margaret Walsh swore in Kathy Sheehan during an inauguration ceremony that was attended by many state and local dignitaries. She is only ...

Springtime at MoCA

by E.S. Cormac December 12, 2013

  MASS MoCA unveiled their spring schedule featuring a variety of new exhibits, musicians, performing artists and even new events for kids on Dec. 4 to a packed crowd in the Hunter Center at the museum’s ...


by E.S. Cormac December 12, 2013


  Kim Gordon might not be playing with Sonic Youth, but she has been busy lately. She is currently working on a memoir, just returned playing a music festival in London, and continues to work in ...

Mass Moca

Just Add Curiosity

by E.S. Cormac October 17, 2013


  If you wander in to John Doe Records and Books, whatever you do don’t say the word hipster. “I don’t care one way or the other. It’s just that word, ohhhh God, it’s too much,” ...

Don’t Fan the Flames

by E.S. Cormac September 5, 2013


Albany’s Townsend Park became a scene of protest on Saturday (Aug. 31) as more than 100 activists stood with antiwar signs and gave speeches in a show of solidarity with the people of war-torn Syria, ...

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Rounding Out the Field

by E.S. Cormac August 28, 2013


Jesse Calhoun (Republican) “The first thing I would try to change is the economic situation, the [process to obtain permits], the cabaret laws, allow more freedom in zoning and [getting permits]. That would take a lot ...

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Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

by E.S. Cormac August 21, 2013


“Who made the decision to allow Bombers to stay open during the demolition?” City Councilman Dean Bodnar (R-District 3) asked during last Thursday’s (Aug. 15) Troy Public Safety Meeting. “That was my decision,” said Troy Fire ...

Old School

by E.S. Cormac August 15, 2013


A hand-cranked bellows feeds the burning coals oxygen as the fire grows so hot the flames flicker blue. A bar of high carbon steel glows a bright orange under the intense heat. Tongs pick ...

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What Would You Do to Improve Albany?

by E.S. Cormac August 7, 2013

  “I know what causes Albany’s small business owners to struggle. Every other week it looks like we have another small business that closes,” said Alex Portelli, the Libertarian Party candidate for mayor. A gathering of voters ...

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by E.S. Cormac August 1, 2013


  It was supposed to be something so horrible that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress would do anything to avoid it. But when the moment came an agreement on budget cuts could not be met. ...

Bikers and Joggers, Meet Bulldozers

by E.S. Cormac July 18, 2013


I Maybe you have been jogging on the Corning Trail along Albany’s riverfront. Maybe you’ve taken a bike ride with a close friend or maybe you just sat on one of the many benches to enjoy ...

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Digging Out

by E.S. Cormac July 10, 2013


  Almost two weeks after a flash flood on June 27, Fort Plain residents and work crews continue to dig themselves out from the destruction caused when water from the Otsquago Creek rushed through town, damaging ...


Occupy Albany Courthouses

by E.S. Cormac July 3, 2013


  With a series of arrests just one year apart, a group of activists found themselves in two separate courthouses on the same day, and one trial placed all of them on the same side of ...

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It’s Gonna Blow

by E.S. Cormac July 3, 2013

There is something lurking under the manholes of downtown Albany, and it’s not adolescent pizza-eating turtles wielding nunchuks. Ten manholes have either exploded into the air or bellowed smoke since September 2012. City officials and National ...

For Dog’s Sake

by E.S. Cormac June 26, 2013


Cancun Mexico, 2011: This was their second time here, and gentle breezes washed over the married couple as they strolled along alabaster white beaches under a sky the exact same color as the sea. After ...

The Punch Comes Spiked

by E.S. Cormac June 19, 2013


We all remember Prom night: gowns, corsages, tuxedos. But what if it could have been better? No warning speeches by nervous parents. No high school principals. No chaperones. No pressurized pubescent promises of the most ...